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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 4 Recap

Du Mingshan is determined not to find ten pages and let it go. Luo Yuefang is worried that Li Meiqi will cook and cook.

Gao Tianshuo wanted to experience the day of the underworld boss, he thought of Luo Yuefang, felt that his temperament and style were very similar, and wanted to get in touch with him through Du Mingshan. Luo Yuefang wanted Xu Kaiyu to chase Li Meishan, so that she could be free from the painful emotions, but Xu Kaiyu found it very difficult. He just had an unsuccessful first love, because he did not have confidence in himself, he began to want to refuse , But thought of the fierceness of the Luo family, immediately changed his mind, and immediately said that he would do his best to complete this task.

Liao Qianman came to Du Mingshan’s house as a guest, envious of Du Mingshan’s spacious home, and lamented that she had been sent under the fence. Du Mingshan offered to let her move over to live with her. Liao Qianman was very excited and thanked her for taking in her. Du Mingshan said that she wanted to have one day. Sisters live together. It was almost the end of the month. Du Mingshan was going to find ten pages in order not to be expelled, but she didn’t have a clue for a while. There was no reply to the emails sent to ten pages. Liao Qianman gave her a suggestion. You can follow the ten pages of check-in records. To track his trajectory, maybe you can find ten pages.

Gao Tianshuo went out to do ten pages. He was a good critic. The assistant didn’t want him to always do this discussion. He wanted him to focus on writing. He gave him friendly reminders, but Gao Tianshuo never got tired of it. He was ready to experience it. Commenting on the temptation of food, Du Mingshan immediately followed after seeing the comments he posted. But after she arrived at the coffee shop, Gao Tianshuo had just left. Du Mingshan was not discouraged. She felt that she would be able to catch up next time. Suddenly she was inspired to predict where she wanted to go next time. After seeing Du Mingshan, Gao Tianshuo lamented that she did indeed. With perseverance, she can’t be underestimated.

Luo Danfang asked her brother to assign work to herself, and Luo Yuefang asked her to find a way for herself. If the family business is so big, if it is said that she can’t learn anything, it is a personal problem. At this time, Li Meiqi contacted Luo Danfang to return the umbrella to Luo Yuefang. Luo Danfang wondered when he gave her the umbrella. Luo Yuefang lied that she happened to meet Li Meiqi on the road. Luo Danfang claimed that she had known Li Meiqi for many years, but he was not there.

Encountered once in the street. Li Meiqi deleted the photos of being with Chen Da again, and then turned up the photos when she was with the sisters. The memories with the sisters gave her confidence and strength. The meal made by the owner of the hotel was awful. After hearing his report, Luo Yuefang asked him to buy a few dishes from a nearby restaurant for the owner to give to Li Meiqi. He asked him what Li Meiqi likes to eat, and Luo Yuefang also had trouble.

Luo Yuefang inquired about Li Meiqi’s preferences from his sister, asked his subordinates to prepare the ingredients, and then went to the homestay to prepare a meal for Li Meiqi by himself. At this time, Li Meiqi walked in and Luo Yuefang quickly hid. The proprietress refused to let Luo Yuefang use the kitchen, but when she heard him say that she was a friend of Li Meiqi, she felt that the two were a boyfriend and girlfriend, so she changed her mind. Li Meiqi ate the food cooked by Luo Yuefang, which reminded her of the taste of her mother’s cooking. She thought it was made by the proprietress, and she was moved.

Luo Danfang came to the company and saw Xu Kaiyu working overtime, so he chatted with him. Xu Kaiyu asked what to do if it violated the will of the general manager. Luo Danfang’s joke surprised Xu Kaiyu and he took the photo when he turned around. Find Li Meiqi to complete the task assigned to him by Luo Yuefang. Tao Tiantian started the live broadcast.

Several sisters had dinner together. They missed Li Meiqi and hoped that she could also move over to live together. Then everyone discussed together how to block ten pages. The sisters helped Du Mingshan find ten pages. As soon as Gao Tianshuo posted a comment, everyone immediately told Du Mingshan the address. Du Mingshan was so busy following Gao Tianshuo like a headless fly, and unexpectedly met him.

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