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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 9 Recap

The cutting and straightening project was temporarily stopped, and Ding Mao received a letter, and could not find out who put it on the desk. Ding Mao took the letter and went to see Xiao’s father to ask his opinion. The letter was an invitation to enter the game. He didn’t know who or what the game. Xiao’s father said that since the letter was sent, it means that they have a bargaining chip in hand. Can I bear the consequences? Ding Mao thought of the project of cutting and straightening, maybe this is their bargaining chip.

After Guo Deyou woke up, he found himself taking a bath in a bucket. Master Guo told him that he had been hit by a silver bell, and it was good fortune to be able to wake up. The silver bell seal itself is harmless to people, but if people have unhealthy cuts or ghosts, there is no place to escape. The old master Guo scolded Guo Deyou for being reckless, and later learned the method of smoking cigarettes and discerning grievances. He said everything that should be said or not, and offended a bunch of people, and he would really suffer disaster.

Guo Deyou didn’t believe that he could no longer light a cigarette to discern his grievances. He went to the school girl who fell to light a cigarette, and returned to the dreamland of silver bells, trapped in the square white wall, and he couldn’t use it anymore. Guo Deyou went to find Rong Aoshuang to settle the account and asked her what happened to Yinlingfeng? Rong Aoshuang told Guo Deyou that once the silver bell seal was activated, if it was interrupted by external forces, the patient would suffer pain, and Ding Mao was the patient. As a doctor, she naturally wanted to protect the patient, so she used the silver bell seal for Guo Deyou. Give Ding Mao’s treatment.

Guo Deyou asked Rong Aoshuang to remove the silver bell seal on his body. It turned out that the principles of cigarette lighting to discriminate injustice and silver bell seal were exactly the opposite. The silver bell seal sealed Guo Deyou’s ability to light cigarettes to discern injustice. Rong Aoshuang did not agree. Guo Deyou went to Ding Mao’s place, and said that Ding Mao didn’t go to the hospital to find a doctor but a witch doctor to treat his leg problems. The two became angry. Guo Deyou saw that Ding Mao was playing with a letter, so he snatched it over to read it, and tore it open.

When the letter was torn apart, it represented an acceptance of the invitation. Dingma had no choice but to read the letter inside, with only two strange words. Guo Deyou read the letter, referring to the ghost market. He made Ding Mao disguise and went to the ghost market together. Find the bridge in the ghost market, and then threw the letter through the gap, sending out an invitation letter for “Mansion No. 8”.

To investigate the fallen girl, she had to enter the women’s college. Gu Ying disguised as Qiao Jing, the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Fan Junyao pretended to be Qiao Jing’s cousin at the ball, and Ding Mao also came to the ball with an invitation letter. Xiao Lanlan saw that Ding Mao was still angry that day, and sneered at the irony of Ding Mao, the two broke up without a few words.

In order to pretend to be Miss Qiao’s family, Gu Ying was forced to do her homework by Xiao Lanlan in private, and sang a harmonious performance with Fan Junyao, turning the female headmaster Fooling around. Guo Deyou came to the banquet without an invitation letter and turned the window. Gu Ying almost said the wrong thing after seeing him.

In order to convince the female principal, Gu Ying also played the piano on stage. She couldn’t remember the keys, but Xiao Lanlan put the twelve heavenly stems on the keys. After repeated practice, she really played the piano. Guo Deyou and Ding Mao stared at the three wall clocks on the counter, and wondered about the time. What happened to the stolen time? The bartender took out the wine list, let them choose, the three can only try a cup. But there are 700 kinds of wine on the wine list.

Xiao Lanlan was drunk first, and Ding Mao was almost dying. Finally, there was a sudden insight in her mind that the time she stolen was actually an hour. Combined with the formula of jet lag, it was No. 11 wine. The bartender saw Ding Mao utter the correct answer and gave him a key. With the key, Ding Mao and Guo Deyou opened a room. Someone was waiting and tied Guo Deyou to answer the question. If you were wrong, you would die.

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