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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 24 Recap

Xu Yiren sincerely asked He Yuwen to return to Fangyuan, and He Yuwen said that if possible, she would be willing to return to Fangyuan to work. Xu Yiren could not find Fang Zhiyou at home, but received a call from Zhiyou’s father. Knowing that his father invited her to a teahouse, he said that he did not expect that he would be able to be with Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren knows that in the eyes of Zhiyou’s father, he is not worthy of his son. He is just an ordinary girl, but the love between two people should be equal. Even if he knows that he has a bad temper, he understands.

He understands why he became who he is now, so no matter how much others do not understand, he will stay with him. At the same time, Fang Zhiyou has become the light of Xu Yiren’s life. If he knows that his father wants to separate the two, Xu Yiren said that he would never give up. But things were not what Xu Yiren expected. Knowing that a father knew that he could not interfere with his son’s feelings, this time he wanted to ask Xu Yiren for a favor.

Knowing that a father did not want to bring his son’s resentment into the coffin, Xu Yiren knew that this was also a knot in her heart, but she did not know how to help. Knowing that a father knew this was embarrassing, I asked Xu Yiren to think more about it. Gu Bo found a hundred things to do between couples, and wanted to accompany Charlotte to complete them one by one. Charlotte was very tired at the weekend and only promised to complete fifty. Gu Bo suggested to finish the first one. The two were about to kiss, but they were interrupted by Shatty’s mother.

Fang knew that his father left the bag in the teahouse. Xu Yiren found that Uncle Fang’s medicine had fallen while helping him to deliver it. Fang knew that his father was taking a medicine called Nepezil tablets. Afterwards, she discovered that it was a medicine for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Shady’s mother noticed Shady’s love affair, and Shady generously introduced Gu Bo to her. Mother thinks that Gu Bo is unreliable and disagrees with this relationship.

Gu Bo invited Xia Di’s mother to dinner and wanted to have a good chat with her. Shatty’s mother called Gu Bo a good person, but she didn’t fit Shatty. Gu Bo knew that Shatty’s mother minded her age, and thought that her age was no longer a problem. Shatty’s mother said that Gu Bo had just graduated and could not support Shaty. Gu Bo was relieved when he heard that his aunt was concerned about her financial situation.

Xu Yiren brought Fang Zhiyou to an art exhibition. Fang Zhiyou said that he was not interested in art exhibitions, but he was interested in Xu Yiren. After walking around, Xu Yiren discovered that this exhibition hall had won the gold medal of the National Design Competition, and the designer was He Yuwen’s father. Xu Yiren wanted to ask about him, but he knew that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Gu Bo called Xu Yiren in front of Xia Di’s mother and asked her what she did at home. Xu Yiren said that his family was in business, and they were doing a lot. After hearing this, Shatty’s mother immediately changed her attitude towards Gu Bo and began to accept their relationship. Gu Bo promised that he would be nice to Charlotte for the rest of his life and would never bully her.

He Yuwen was in a bad mood and asked Chen Qiming to vent. Chen Qiming didn’t believe that He Yuwen would betray Fangyuan. He Yuwen admitted that she really did something that was sorry to Xu Yiren. Chen Qiming thinks that He Yuwen is no longer the same she used to be. He said that he has liked He Yuwen for a long time. He doesn’t care that He Yuwen once liked things that he knew. He can wait, as long as she is willing to take a look at herself. But He Yuwen still did not respond to Chen Qiming’s confession.

Xu Yiren told Fang Zhi that his father was taking a drug, and that he had heard that his father might be suffering from Alzheimer’s, and he sat alone on the sofa in a daze. Suddenly, he received news that Li Zhe’s father was irritated and caused a heart attack. He rushed to the hospital as soon as he knew it. Fortunately, the patient was rescued in time.

Xu Yiren hinted that Shatty might not know Gu Bo very well. Shatty believed that the process of falling in love is to get to know each other slowly and discover the true one another. He Yuwen drank too much in the bar and called Xu Yiren to provoke her. Xu Yiren worried that she was in danger and went to see her immediately.

He Yuwen didn’t want to see Xu Yiren again, she said she would never give up. Xu Yiren admitted that at first he felt that He Yuwen was better than himself in every way, but later found out that love cannot be compared. He Yuwen said that she knew very well and knew that he would not stay with Xu Yiren for a long time. Xu Yiren said that if He Yuwen really understood what she knew, she would not do anything to harm the company. Xu Yiren encouraged He Yuwen to be her and be Mr. He.

Li Zhe and Fang Zhiyou guarded Uncle Li’s bed together. Li Zhe said that he planned to take his father to the United States and spend his last days with him. Fang knew he wanted to keep him, but Li Zhe had decided to leave. The nurse gave Li Zhe the clothes when Li Zhe’s father sent him. Li Zhe found that there was a newspaper that introduced an illegal fund-raising case.

Li Zhe thinks it was this news that made his father crazy. He thought of the grievances his father had suffered, but he has not yet received an apology. Fang Zhi has promised that Dad will give them an explanation.

Fang Shiyu pretended to be injured in physical education class, so Fang Zhiyou took herself home. Fang Zhiyou wanted to take her to his own home, but Fang Shiyu clamored to go back to his father, trying to give her brother and father a chance to meet.

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