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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 24 Recap

Feng Xiaoge tried his best, and finally stole the earrings while the peacock fell asleep, and handed them to the little dragon girl. Because the earring jade gives mana, the person who wears this earring can come and go freely without being imprisoned by Pasa Island. Xiaolongnv asked Feng Xiaoge to take care of Nezha first, and promised to rush back before dawn, and then went to the Avalokitesvara to ask for the auspicious eight treasures Jinglu Dan, and under the arrangement of the Avalokitesvara, she returned to Shenhuo with her brother Yang Jian. country.

Ye Ju had previously patrolled the city for defense. She was stunned because she saw that the little dragon girl was wearing peacock earrings. When she woke up, she immediately told the queen about everything and sent someone to tie Feng Xiao Song. The queen ordered the killing of Feng Xiaoge and Nezha, and the Peacock spoke up to defend her, begging the queen to consider the love and justice of the little dragon girl, and wait for the little dragon girl to return before making a decision.

However, the sky was bright, and the queen had not seen the return of the little dragon girl for a long time. At this moment, she no longer had any patience. She was about to be executed. Unexpectedly, the little dragon girl suddenly appeared and cast a spell to save her. Feng Xiaoge helped Nezha. After Xiaolongnv took the antidote for him, she took off her earrings and returned it in public, willing to confess the crime alone.

Although Yang Jian came to help everyone leave Posuo Island safely, he was imprisoned with mana right after he landed on the island, unable to use it, and could only be escorted to the main city by female soldiers. Because of Yang Jian’s handsome appearance, the queen fell in love with him at first sight and wanted to marry her as the king’s husband. At first, Yang Jianli couldn’t obey him, but because the queen threatened the lives of Nezha and others, she had to compromise very reluctantly.

Nezha woke up and heard that Little Dragon Girl, regardless of her personal safety, rushed out of the city for an antidote. She was deeply moved, but when she learned that Yang Jian was about to marry the Queen as a “women”, she burst into laughter, making Yang Jian gritted his teeth. He raised the fruit and chased him around the house. The little dragon girl suppressed her smile, hurriedly stopped, and kept winking at Nezha. It was only by saying good things that Yang Jian was completely relieved, and she confidently said that even if she loses mana, she can rely on her ingenuity and wisdom to turn danger to a bane.

Yu Ji wanted to make up for the merits, so she asked for her order to go to Shenhuo Nation immediately and take the Shenhuo Girl back to the East China Sea first, and she would hand it over to the Demon Emperor by Snake Ji. The dark messenger didn’t know that Yu Ji was a guardian of the Dharma Gangshi, so she also faced Yang Jian’s previous encounters, but the female soldiers thought that the dark messenger looked ordinary, just because the kitchen was short of manpower, and simply captured him to replace the fire dragon and become a male cook.

The Queen of Shenhuo married, and a grand wedding was held across the country. People were specially ordered to create a wedding dress for Yang Jian. The materials were also selected from the best and extremely luxurious. Yang Jian had already made a plan, so he confessed deeply that night in the bridal chamber, frankly confessing the true meaning of love, beautiful longing, listening to the queen fascinated, only felt that the man in front of him became more upright and charming.

Nezha and Xiaolongnv stay in the yard, discussing the way to leave Posuo Island. Unfortunately, Posuo Island is complicated in geography, easy to enter and difficult to exit, even if it is intentional, it is powerless. When the two were at a loss and sighed, Yang Jian continued to confuse people. Under the pretext of winning the Queen’s heart, if he wanted to postpone the wedding, he first held a martial arts competition in Shenhuo Nation and recruited all men to compete. The others were shocked when they heard this, and they saw through Yang Jian’s tricks. However, the queen was deeply in love and unable to extricate herself, and immediately agreed without thinking.

The dark messenger couldn’t use mana, he noticed the abnormality of Pusa Island. Seeing that the queen was married, he was worried about how to explain to the demon emperor, but suddenly heard the peacock talking with the wild chrysanthemum, knowing that the god fire girl has not married, so he decided to take her away as soon as possible.

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