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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 23 Recap

Unwilling to be misunderstood, the fire dragon envoy directly dismantled Feng Xiaoge and pretended to be dumb. The Peacock was shocked by the words, and then dragged Feng Xiaoge back to the room to reprimand. Ye Ju slapped the fire dragon in public as a punishment, and also walked away with Duan Wuzhuo, leaving the rest to wait to see the joke.

Xiao Ge’s ingenious words and expressions coaxed Peacock’s heart into fullness, and her grievances disappeared. Seeing her temporarily relax her vigilance, she took the opportunity to provoke the discord and urged her to replace the queen. Looking at Duan Wuzhuo, he also hopes that Ye Ju will become the new master of the Shenhuo Kingdom.

A man uses a beautiful male strategy against a woman. It is simple, rude and effective. Nezha’s abacus is exquisite. Just as he and Xiaolongnv stayed in the room to discuss the next plan, the fire dragon sneaked out of the house and was hunted down by female soldiers throughout the city. Nezha had already appreciated the fire dragon messenger, and considering that he was a general under the demon emperor’s command, he must know everything about Snake Ji, so together with the little dragon girl as a cover, he sent him away.

The fire dragon tried his best to escape to the beach. However, there was no magical body protection. After all, the female soldiers caught up. Seeing that she was about to lose her life, Yu Ji made a timely rescue. And threw three flying fish poisonous knives to the little dragon girl. Nezha protects the little dragon girl, using his body to block the knife, and is unconscious. Even though the peacock is familiar with all kinds of poisons, he is still unaccountable. If the poison develops, Nezha will be poisoned into the body and die suddenly.

The little dragon girl begged the queen to let her go outside the island to ask for help, but the queen has not yet fully trusted the little dragon girl and decisively refused. The little dragon girl lost her hope and kept crying beside her bed. The sky, which was originally clear and clear, also resonated because of the pain in her heart, and it rained heavily. Nezha woke up and spoke to comfort, even if she was reluctant to give up, but she could only tell the little dragon girl to live well and revive the dragon clan in the future.

Peacock couldn’t bear it and interceded on her behalf. However, the queen made up her mind and no one could change it. She even blamed her for negligence in the formation, which gave Yu Ji a chance to take advantage and seriously injured the male slave of Shenhuo Country. Hearing the words, the wild chrysanthemum immediately added oil and jealousy, and the peacock was speechless.

Taking advantage of Princess Snake Ji’s going out, the water elf sneaked into the bedroom, and finally found the mechanism to take out the crystal ball. Who knew that Snake Ji and the Ugly Prime Minister suddenly turned back and frightened her to hide. Fortunately, when the ugly prime minister was about to push the door, his subordinates came to report that Yu Ji had brought the fire dragon envoy back to the dragon palace.

Yu Ji healed the fire dragon and secretly used the flying fish poisonous knife to threaten the fire dragon to conceal the Jingman forest. When the snake girl came to visit, the fire dragon also obtained the antidote because of the Yu Ji condition. Snake Ji told the demon emperor the current situation truthfully. Even if she did not find the Silver Water Token and the spell, Nezha was severely injured because of the Xiaolong Girl trapped in the God Fire Nation. This was a happy event.

Because Psuo Island hides the Qi of Heavenly Dance, this Qi is a very precious refining and cultivation practice, which is rare for mortals, so the dark messenger wants to go to Psuo Island to capture some women to sacrifice for the demon emperor. Yu Ji failed to stop her, she couldn’t help but feel sad, recalling that she and her mother had lived on Po Suo Island for many years, and she never knew she was an extraordinary person. Until her mother was dying, she learned the truth from the witch doctor.

At the beginning, the mother secretly formed a beaded baby and was tragically exhausted by the demon. If it weren’t for her own demon to contend, she would probably die. Later, she resisted the pain and fled to Po Suo Island, and insisted on giving birth to Yu Ji and raising her to adulthood. The witch doctor has not yet understood why Yu Ji’s mother is so persistent, but when Yu Ji cried because of her loss of her mother, the sky was instantly covered with clouds and thunder and lightning.

Feng Xiaoge had seen the female captain cast a spell with a crystal jade pendant. The little dragon girl knew about this and stole the jade pendant from the captain. However, she did not expect that the jade pendant was only used for free entry and could not restore mana. Xiaolongnv wanted to save Nezha, so she asked Feng Xiaoge and Duan Wuzhuo to use the beautiful man’s trick again to hold the peacock and the wild chrysanthemum.

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