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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 3 Recap

Du Mingshan’s drinking snippet asks Gao Tianshuoxing for the crime, Luo Yuefang likes Li Meiqi and sends people to pay attention.

Du Mingshan knocked on the door to go to Master Gao Tianshuoxing to inquire. Gao Tianshuo also asked her if he had read his notebook. Du Mingshan asked him why he painted himself with pig heads and who changed his clothes last night. Gao Tianshuo asked her if it was something Don’t remember, Du Mingshan shook her head, but then she remembered, Gao Tianshuo couldn’t find the notebook, so she went to Du Mingshan to inquire. Du Mingshan found the notebook in the box where she had put a ten-page book and was confused. After turning two pages, I remembered Gao Tianshuo’s request not to read it, so he took out a pen and drew an illustration on the notebook, and then pushed the box in front of Gao Tianshuo.

Du Mingshan asked Gao Tianshuo how he painted a pig head on her arm. Gao Tianshuo helped her recall. Last night, Du Mingshan told Gao Tianshuo with drunkenness that she had studied painting and wanted to be an art editor in the future, and reflected her ideas and designs in the magazine. Above, if Gao Tianshuo wants a notebook, he must pass a test first, which is to draw an illustration for his arm. Gao Tianshuo asked Du Mingshan whether he had read her notes, Du Mingshan turned back to the room and said that he would not open the door. Gao Tianshuo said he could tell her about who could change her clothes, but Du Mingshan still refused to open the door.

Luo Yuefang drove the car all the way back home with Li Meiqi. Li Meiqi now lives with her aunt. Her aunt loves her very much. After learning about her relationship with Chen Dazai, she patiently comforted her and said that Chen Da no longer knows to cherish. He was blind, and she would treat Li Meiqi as her own daughter in the future. Li Meiqi intends to go out and leave the room for her future younger sister-in-law. The aunt said nothing and said that she had discussed with her uncle and would change to a big house in the future, but Li Meiqi said that she needed space for independence and solitude, aunt Tearfully agreed.

Liao Qianman worked in a hairdressing salon. The lady boss let her do all the dirty and tiring work, and even let her wash the smelly socks too much, and withheld her salary under various excuses. Liao Qianman couldn’t bear it. He asked her to resign. After all the sisters heard about this situation, they all began to help her find a job. Liao Qianman also went everywhere to apply for suitable positions, and finally applied for an assistant job in a wedding company. We all had dinner together in Jing Fan’s shop. Li Meiqi called and said she was going to the beach to relax, so that everyone would not worry about her. She would go back when she was in a better mood. The sisters were very worried about her and hope she Can overcome this difficulty.

The editor-in-chief called and urged Du Mingshan to find ten pages and gave her only three days, otherwise she would be driven out. Du Mingshan had to bargain at the end of the month, and the editor-in-chief gave her a few days of grace. Gao Tianshuo suspected that Du Mingshan had read his diary, and would dodge every time he looked for her, but when he saw the email Du Mingshan sent to him, he knew that she did not know that she was ten pages, which indirectly showed that she had not read it. A stone in my heart fell to the ground in my notebook.

The section chief under Luo Yuefang lost the contract. Because the company has a gangster background, the company’s employees were afraid of being punished. Xu Kaiyu worried that the section chief would be chopped off because of this, and immediately went out to help find the contract. Luo Yuefang was not at ease with Li Meishan, fearing that she would not be able to think about it, and kept sending people to follow her to keep abreast of her situation.

Xu Kaiyu tried his best to finally find the contract. Luo Yuefang recognized his positive work attitude very much. He wanted to give him a more important task and asked him if he had a girlfriend. The conversation between the two was heard by Luo Danfang. She thought that her brother had a special sexual orientation and fell in love with Xu Kaiyu. Luo Yuefang immediately turned into a black face when she learned about it.

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