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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 2 Recap

Chen Da became a runaway bridegroom Li Meiqi was very sad Gao Tianshuo took back his notes but found that they had been read.

The four sisters heard that Li Meiqi’s marriage partner turned out to be Chen Dazai. Everyone was very angry, especially Tao Tiantian. They even said that they could not do even good sisters with Li Meiqi. They accused Li Meiqi of leaving, and Du Mingshan went straight forward after seeing it. During the process of blocking and persuading, there was a fierce quarrel with Tao Tiantian. Liao Qianman saw that the situation was wrong and immediately pulled Du Mingshan outside, trying to calm down both sides. After all, today’s protagonist is Li Meiqi, they are here to bless and not tear down the stage.

Gao Tianshuo followed Du Mingshan all the way to the hotel, but she was nowhere to be seen. He hurriedly called and asked the assistant to send her phone number. Du Mingshan and Liao Qianman were still debating who was right and who was wrong today. Gao Tianshuo made a call. Entering, but she did not hear. Gao Tianshuo pointed to Du Mingshan’s mobile phone after seeing the two of them. Du Mingshan thought that he was following him, and her resentment was spread to Gao Tianshuo. Gao Tianshuo told Du Mingshan that she had a very important thing in her house.

Du Mingshan asked curiously what he was, but Gao Tianshuo was afraid that she would go back to check it, so he didn’t tell her what it was. Du Mingshan saw him with this attitude. He put on a cold face and asked him to go back first, and then help her find it after he went back, but Gao Tianshuo was afraid of any accidents, because the notebook is very important to him. If the material is exposed by others, the consequences are unimaginable, so he decided Waiting for Du Mingshan at the hotel.

After Tao Tiantian lost his temper, everyone calmed down. Tao Tiantian also confessed his mistake to Li Meiqi. Du Mingshan also came back. The five sisters were able to communicate happily together again. At this time, Chen Da received another call, his My mood became heavy immediately, and after sending a sorry message to Li Meiqi, she was about to drive away from the hotel. Li Meiqi was still immersed in the joy of happiness. Unexpectedly, this information made her expectation a bubble. She was a little at a loss. After Du Mingshan saw it, she hurriedly went out with Luo Yuefang to find Chen Dazai and asked him what happened. Even things like marriage can be cancelled. Gao Tianshuo stopped them and told Luo Yuefang of Chen Dazai’s license plate number. Luo Yuefang took a shortcut to stop Chen Dazai and took him back to the hotel.

Facing Li Meiqi’s questioning, Chen Dazai did not explain anymore except to say I am sorry. Li Meiqi prevented everyone from accusing Chen Dazai and forced him to leave the hotel. The wedding she was looking forward to was so broken. The good sisters began to comfort Li Meiqi, they were all too drunk. Du Mingshan saw Gao Tianshuo still waiting outside, and kindly persuaded him to go back first, but Gao Tianshuo refused, saying that he had already bought the book and ordered dinner. He was confident that he could wait. She went home. When Luo Yuefang came to pick up his sister, he saw Gao Tianshuo waiting outside, so he let him into the room. The sisters were almost drinking. Luo Yuefang quickly arranged staff to send everyone home. Li Meiqi said that she was fine and she wanted to stay in the hotel. People are so quiet.

Gao Tianshuo took Du Mingshan back to the door and found the key in her bag. Du Mingshan was drunk and chatted with him about the poor little girl in a ten-page novel. Gao Tianshuo thought about it. Early the next morning, Du Mingshan was awakened by the alarm bell. Then she remembered what happened yesterday. She found that her clothes had been changed. What’s more annoying was that a pig’s head was drawn on her arm. At this time, the editor-in-chief called , Let her hurry to find ten pages and sign him, Du Mingshan quickly agreed, she didn’t even see the ten pages, let alone the signing. Gao Tianshuo found his notebook, but found that there were many illustrations of little fairies painted on it, which made him a little angry, believing that Du Mingshan must have read his notebook.

Luo Danfang went to work in the company at home, but everyone treated her respectfully. She was not even allowed to do the small job of copying, which made her very depressed. So she found her brother to complain. Luo Yuefang persuaded her and asked about it. In Li Meiqi’s situation, Luo Danfang suddenly remembered that Li Meiqi didn’t even have a place to live, so he immediately asked her mother if she could let Li Meiqi live in her own home. In fact, Luo Yuefang has known Li Meiqi a long time ago. She once helped herself when she was injured. He has a good impression of this kind and beautiful girl. Now seeing her lonely look, he is determined to help her tide over this difficulty.

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