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Young Days No Fears 我的青春沒在怕 Episode 1 Recap

Five sisters in the university community form an alliance and be happy with each other. Du Mingshan moves to a new house and first meets Gao Tianshuo.

An extraordinary college volleyball match is going on. The China World Trade Center team is facing the enterprise management team. The two sides are inextricably beaten. It has reached a critical moment. The enterprise management team cooperates with tacit understanding. Du Mingshan made a fierce smash and faced the China Trade team Chen Da. At that time, the nose bleeds, the enterprise management team won, and Chen Dazai became the defeated general. Chen Dazai used to be Li Meiqi’s lover. Du Mingshan and Li Meiqi met Chen Dazai who was healing.

Chen Dazai wanted to make Du Mingshan apologize for what happened on the sports field. Du Mingshan refused. She felt that she was not playing well enough, and even more for Li Meiqi. Because he cheated and broke up was worthless, Chen Da again attributed all the responsibility to Li Meiqi. Du Mingshan became angry and quarreled with Chen Da again. Li Meiqi tried to persuade him, and Du Mingshan decided to stop.

However, HO JIA, the five-member university club, decided not to let Chen Dazai go like this. Five people came to the top of the building and prepared to pull down the huge slogan prepared in advance. When it was about to open, someone heard a voice coming, but Everyone didn’t care too much. They shouted slogans and opened the slogan, with seven characters written on it. Chen Dazai, the cheating man, attracted crowds of onlookers. At this time, Chen Dazai poked his head out from the bottom of the slogan. After being kidnapped and stuffed to the bottom of the slogan, the group of five looked at each other, saying that they had nothing to do with them, and they were all shocked. If something went wrong, none of them could escape the blame. Luo Danfang seemed to know the truth, she Waved to a handsome man from a distance, and the man led people out of here.

Tao Tiantian is live broadcasting, and I want to use this to increase the popularity of A Po Rou Tuan. Although A Po Rou Tuan is very delicious, it is about to be closed because no one knows it. Because Tao Tian Tian’s live broadcast does not pay much attention, so everyone wants them The club’s consultants and well-known critics came to help grandma to increase her popularity, but Du Mingshan was not sure, because they had never met Shiye, and only contacted them by email, so Du Mingshan decided to give it a try The page sent an email asking for help.

Ten pages’ real name is Gao Tianshuo. He often criticizes the bad phenomena in current affairs through comments, and thus has won the support of many fans. This time, he faked a reviewer to report the Liangxin Foundation’s accounting problems. After returning home, he saw the email from Du Mingshan. He did not remember when he became a consultant for the HO JIA club. The assistant told him that he had agreed to him in order to increase his popularity last year. Tian Shuo was very angry. , But still helped Apo Rou Tuan publicize. With the help of Ten Pages, the grandma’s meat group was rejuvenated with vitality and vitality. There were an endless stream of people who came to buy, and the group of five finally graduated successfully. They vowed to walk happily together forever.

Du Mingshan told some good girlfriends that they were going to move to a new place. They would all come to help. Du Mingshan said that she had already found a moving company. When everyone contacted, she found that Li Meishan hadn’t contacted everyone recently. Gao Tianshuo and her assistant experienced the life of a porter, and they happened to come to move Du Mingshan. The assistant found that Du Mingshan was a fan of Ten Pages.

Gao Tianshuo told him that the new house she was moving was opposite her. After moving home, Du Mingshan found that her ten-page cardboard box was missing. It contained ten-page books and her memories of college. This is not something that can be lost with money. She is kind to Gao Tianshuo and his assistant who talked coldly. A lesson, the accusation was that the two of them lost the box, leaving them very speechless.

Gao Tianshuo accompanied Du Mingshan to look for the cardboard box, but he did not find it after searching for a long time. Du Mingshan said that she would keep looking for it. Gao Tianshuo returned home and found the carton accidentally. It was taken by the assistant to his house. At that time, he had forgotten to take the carton because he went home to drink a bottle of Coke. The assistant put the cardboard box at the door of Du Mingshan’s house and ran back immediately after pressing the doorbell. Du Mingshan was excited when he opened the door and saw the cardboard box, but was a little curious about who put the cardboard box here.

Li Meiqi was preparing for her wedding. She asked Zhang Jingfan, who was with her, whether she should tell her good sisters about the marriage, because they had said to herself that if she cares about Chen Dazzi, then they must follow She broke off friendship, but the person she was going to marry was Chen Dazai, which made Li Meiqi into extreme distress.

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