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Swin to Sky 腾空之约 Episode 5 Recap

Xiaoyu found that volley had signed up for herself, ran to the diving hall to find the theory of volley, and finally met Xiao Tianqi, the captain of Fengling school diving team who came to challenge. Xiao Tianqi challenged the ten-meter diving platform, and volley agreed, but he also gave up the challenge after knowing that he could not do it under the obstruction of Xiaoyu. He sat alone on the sofa in mourning, Xiaoyu came over and found that he was going to retire. He didn’t understand that he had pulled himself to participate, but now he has to retreat. In the helplessness of volley, he confessed his fear of heights to the small fish. The small fish took the volley to challenge the parachute. At first, the volley was afraid in the air, but when he got behind, he slowly adapted to the kind of telling. Overcome the fear of heights.

Zhao Liang took several positions for his dream of diving. When he was standing on the diving board, he seemed to be a different person. He was inspired by him and decided to overcome the difficulties. Volley progressed by leaps and bounds, and even his teammates marveled that he was a diving genius, and his results were very stable every time. In order to make an appointment, Chen Tian set up an additional seed team. The people who usually perform in this team are there, but there is no volley. The reason given by Chen Tian is that he took too long to participate in the diving and could not enter the seed team yet. Chen Tian is also very strict with volley training, each push-up does not allow the tissue in front of him to be soaked and must not stop.

In order to let Ling Kong fulfill his wish, Xiaoyu deliberately lost to him in the next assessment, so as to give him confidence and the opportunity to enter the sky. These words were heard by volley, he rejected the good intentions of the two, he was very angry that the two let themselves win the game by this means. He was not in the mood for training. When he was about to leave, Chen Tian told him to find a place for Xiaoyu, hoping that Xiaoyu could move out of Lingkong’s house. Ling Kong thought that this thing was what Xiaoyu hoped for. He packed up Xiaoyu’s luggage and told her to go as soon as Xiaoyu came back. He let Xiaoyu out of the house without saying anything.

When I came back in the early morning and saw the little fish raining outside the door, I ran in and asked about the situation of Lingkong. The fish fainted and was taken to the hospital in the early morning. When the volley went out, the two were gone. The next day, Ling Kong was secretly going to Yakult in the Xiaoyu wardrobe, but he was hit by Chen Tian and Chen Chen. He quickly ran out with a drink pretending to be fine. Xiaoyu was pushed out by volley, Chen Tian ran to teach volley, scolded him to swagger through the city with his father, and volley was not forgiving. Since he entered the diving team, he had not seen Chen Tian diving, he suspected that Chen Tian would only talk Work hard. Chen Tian was excited and stood on the diving platform. All the players came to watch. Chen Tian’s perfect diving technique completely conquered the sky. Ling Kong followed Chen Tian’s ass and wanted to worship him as a teacher. He promised to obey what Chen Tian said.

Ling Kong went to see the little fish, but the little fish pretended to be dead and scared Ling Ling desperately, saying that he would never bully her again. Xiaoyu reconciled with volley, Xiaoyu refused Chen Tian’s kindness, she would not move out of volley’s house, at this time Chen Tian had already brought volley with great maliciousness. At the weekend trial contest, Lingkong wanted Dad to watch him dive, but he was refused. Xiaoyu couldn’t remember what happened with Chen Tian.

Chen Tian felt a little strange. When he was about to ask, Xiaoyu pretended to fall over deliberately. He wanted to try whether Dragon Ball was on him, but nothing happened. In the corner, the volley of vinegar thought that the two were together, and they were all directed at her. Chen Tian suddenly received the news of Yinglan College’s withdrawal of the vacancy agreement, which seemed to be the intentional action of Ling Zhixuan in order to prevent Ling Kong from participating in the competition.

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