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Swin to Sky 腾空之约 Episode 4 Recap

Ling Kong was playing role-playing with two fishes in the lab alone, and to himself, someone quietly walked in. He thought it was a small fish and turned to find it was early morning. Ling Chen told him that Ling Kong was a very good and warm person, but he was not good at expressing it. He proposed that Ling Kong should participate in the vacating appointment, which might resolve the conflict with his father, and let him confirm him. Although Ling Kong said it was impossible, in fact, there was already a shake in his heart. He unconsciously walked to the diving hall and met the childish elegance that had just been trained. Zhiya thought that Ling Kong was waiting for her, she told Ling Kong that only talents who had better diving than her had the opportunity to pursue themselves. Ling Kong thought that it was better than her. It was impossible. He went to Xiaoyu and hoped that Xiaoyu would also join the vacant covenant. At that time, as long as she deliberately lost to herself, she could get a chance to show up.

Ling Kong promised to help Xiaoyu chase Chen Tian, ​​and Xiaoyu also promised to participate in the flight agreement as a condition. Ling Kong gave a detailed map of Chen Tian’s activities and gave her many tricks, such as chance encounters, hair tangling, and finally confession to Chen Tian in front of the school in the broadcast room. After the confession of the little fish, Chen Tian stolen joy and asked the little fish to eat. Ling Kong went home and looked at the clock. After a long time, Xiaoyu did not return. He deliberately texted Xiaoyu to say that he had sprained and asked Xiaoyu to buy medicine back. Xiaoyu ignored the news.

Ling Kong ran out anxiously to find her, and saw that Xiaoyu brought back a pile of medicine and snacks. When she was happy, she heard that Chen Tian paid for it, and threw the medicine to the ground and returned home. Xiaoyu didn’t know which door the volley was blowing, and he didn’t respond when he knocked on the door. The next day volley accompanied Xiaoyu to clean the swimming pool and talked about his time in New Zealand when he was in elementary school. Xiaoyu also said happily that he had travelled to New Zealand with his family. The sea there was very clear. Ling Kongxiao Xiaoyu really can catch mermaids in anything. Since Xiaoyu has always said that she is a mermaid, she is asked to show some other unique cheats and teach her by the way.

Xiaoyu pulled volley on the springboard, volley was pushed down, he stood below pointing at the small fish scolding, the small fish happily teased him on the top, Chen Tian looked at the other side was very ugly. In order to thank Ling Kong for cleaning himself, Xiaoyu asked people to write love poems instead of Ling Kong and gave it to Zhiya. Ling Kong was shocked.

Jiya is happy when she sees the letter, but she is an arrogant person and will not show it. Ling Kong was about to explain when she saw Zhiya, and was rejected by Zhiya. Zhiya asked him to take part in the appointment with Tengkong. If she behaved well, she would meet more girls who liked him, but Lingkong was happy and relaxed. In one breath. Xiaoyu was in a daze on the rooftop, and volley came up to tell her to accompany herself to participate in the vacant appointment. Xiaoyu did not agree, but then suddenly fainted. Xiaoyu got ill again. After awakening with water, Lingkong took her hand to fill out the registration form while she lost her memory.

Ling Kong couldn’t find the picture book in Xiaoyu’s schoolbag. He and Chen Chen took the fish back home and found the picture book for Xiaoyu. As Xiaoyu recalled, Lingkong ran to submit the registration form. When Xiaoyu turned to Chen Tian, ​​he put away the picture book in the early morning. He told Xiaoyu to go to rest first, and then slowly recall.

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