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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 23 Recap

Gu Bo worried that Xu Yiren would go to Li Zhe alone, and immediately notified Fang Zhiyou. Xu Yiren told Fang Zhiyou about the recorder’s discovery, and Fang Zhiyou comforted her to deal with it. Xu Yiren took out another recording pen from her arms. It turned out that she had already made sufficient preparations. Xu Yiren said that he wanted to prove his innocence by himself, and did not want to rely on knowing everything. Fang Zhiyou showed the content of the recording in front of his colleagues, and let Liu Tianyang take charge of the follow-up work of Moon Bay. Liu Tianyang was shocked to see that he knew if he had any doubts about Xu Yiren in the past.

Li Zhe intends to fire Yu Qing. He said that he thought she was the girl and let her stay here. Now that the lie has been exposed, she doesn’t need to stay here. Yu Qing suspected that Xu Yiren had told Li Zhe. She said that Xu Yiren liked to snatch her own things since she was a child, and asked Li Zhe not to believe her. Li Zhe said that she had suspected Yu Qing a long time ago, and she should be thankful that she has a better temper, otherwise it would not be the end of the game.

Knowing that the surveillance on the night of the incident was only the footage of He Yuwen entering the company, and she did not leave, he concluded that this email was sent by He Yuwen with Xu Yiren. He Yuwen immediately admitted that she did the things by herself, and said she just couldn’t understand Xu Yiren. Did I know that He Yuwen would join forces with Li Zhe, thinking that He Yuwen had changed. Fang Zhiyou expressed that he would continue to listen to her thoughts, but he didn’t want her to hurt Xu Yiren any more, otherwise the two would not even be able to do it as a friend. He Yuwen thought that Fang Zhi was ruthless, and that her five years of hard work could not be worth the months of a lie girl, so she decided to leave Fangyuan.

Yu Qing cried at home after losing her job. She believed that Xu Yiren had harmed herself and accused her father of bringing Xu Yiren home back then. Her mother followed suit and praised Yi Ren as her daughter’s nemesis. In order to get revenge, Yu Qing quietly followed Xu Yiren and Fangzhi to find their home, accusing Xu Yiren of betraying herself and causing her to lose her job. Fang Zhiyou thinks that Yu Qing would not be worthy of Li Zhe’s eyes, nor can it be said that she has been dumped.

When Yu Qing and her mother came to Fangyuan, they heard what Mr. He liked before and thought Xu Yiren was a junior. My aunt broke into the company, accused Xu Yiren of being a junior, affecting her daughter, and accused Xu Yiren of disorderly life since childhood. Colleagues spoke for Xu Yiren, and her aunt also praised Yiren for robbing her daughter’s boyfriend Li Zhe.

At this time, Shiyu came forward, thinking that her aunt had constituted a rumor spreading. She found the lawyer’s business card from her schoolbag and asked her to leave here within 15 seconds, otherwise she would receive a summons from the court, which scared her aunt immediately. Run away.

Fang Zhiye saw that Shiyu had something on his mind, forced to ask her what happened, and threatened her with a make-up class, so Shiyu had to tell her. Fang Zhiyou pulled Xu Yiren aside and asked why she didn’t tell herself. Fang Zhiyou persuaded her not to forbear, and stop being wronged. Xu Yiren decided to go home to solve the problem by herself. She came to her uncle’s house by herself. She said that although her parents passed away.

unexpectedly, they still had a pension, and she also had a house in her family, which was enough to support herself after the sale. My aunt thought that her gift of nurturing could not be calculated clearly with money. Xu Yi people said that they endured this only because of the grace of nurturing, but since they did not regard themselves as family members, they would never step into this house again. Xu Yiren breathed a sigh of relief when he said what was in his heart.

Li Zhe’s father is recovering better and better, and he can read the newspaper. Li Zhe plans to accompany his father more, maybe he will recognize himself in the future. Li Zhe wanted to take his father back to the United States for treatment, and he could start again. He knew that his father’s greatest wish was to clear his stigma, so he did not hesitate to harm his best friend to avenge him, but now he can’t recognize himself. Who is it?

At the press conference of Shatty’s new book, Gu Bo hired a group of people to pretend to be Shatty’s fans to support her. Xu Yiren discovered that Gu Bo was actually a young master, and asked him why he was hiding things from Shady. Gu Bo said that she hadn’t had the courage to confess. Xu Yiren thought it was better to make it clear by herself than to be exposed. She asked Gu Bo to think about it. Xu Yiren heard colleagues discussing that Mr. He was still inquiring about Fangyuan Company.

She found Fang Zhi and asked if he could ask He Yuwen to come back. She thought that although He Yuwen had made some mistakes, it was still the Dinghai Shenzhen needle of the Administration Department. Fang Zhiyou said that she had done too much in this matter and had already touched the bottom line. Xu Yiren knew he would not agree immediately, but let Fangzhi think about it.

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