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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 22 Recap

After Xia Di and Gu Bo went to the Public Security Bureau to make a transcript, Xia Di discovered that Gu Bo had been injured to save herself. Gu Bo said that Shatty should have a boyfriend next to her to protect her. If she can’t be Shatty’s boyfriend, she should be her bodyguard. He also wants to learn taekwondo to protect her. Shatty was very moved and took the initiative to kiss him. Shatty said that Gu Bo was too noisy and wanted to stop his mouth. Gu Bo made Xia Di be responsible for him, and said that he hadn’t paid attention the previous time, and asked Xia Di to kiss again. Shatty gave Gu Bo another affectionate kiss and declared that Gu Bo would be her own afterwards.

Xu Yiren believes that because they have let Fang Zhiyou be wronged, they know that they have seen Xu Yiren grow up in such a family, and think it is not Xu Yiren’s fault. Li Zhe chased it out, saying that he wanted to talk to Xu Yiren, and nodded as soon as he knew it. Li Zhe asked Xu Yiren how he was doing recently, and Xu Yiren said he was fine.

Li Zhe then asked Xu Yiren if he had anything to tell him. Xu Yiren reminded Li Zhe to take Yu Qing seriously, if it was just because she was that little girl, she would be disappointed. Li Zhe said that his family was destroyed and he wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the river. It was the little girl who gave him a chance to survive.

Therefore, the little girl meant a lot to him, and he was very grateful to Yu Qing. Li Zhe said that after he found Yu Qing, he found something different from what he thought, so he asked Xu Yiren whether Yu Qing was the girl. Xu Yiren was worried that Yu Qing was injured, so he did not tell Li Zhe the truth. Xu Yiren persuaded Li Zhe to let go of the grievances he had with Fangzhi, and let forty-nine kites fly in the sky and forty-nine small boats to swim in the stream. Li Zhe thought that this was the story he had told that little girl.

Xu Yiren sighed that fate was a wonderful thing. He obviously met Li Zhe first, and finally got together with Fang Zhi. Fang Zhiyou said that no matter what, Xu Yiren is destined to be his girlfriend. After Li Zhe returned home, he looked through half of the fairy tale book he had kept, and he secretly wondered why Xu Yiren knew this story.

Gu Bo sent Shady home. He didn’t want to be separated from Shady, he wanted to go shopping with her again. Shatty invited Gu Bo to sit down and bake cookies for him. Shatty bake the biscuits, but Gu Bo continued to eat them. He said that although the biscuits are bitter, Shady is very sweet. Gu Bo said that he had something to tell Charlotte, but was interrupted by the phone before he spoke.

Shatty received a call from the editor again, and the editor believed that the male protagonist of her creation had some collapse, because the male protagonist gradually began to lie. Shatty said that in reality, she hated people who lied very much. Gu Bo was worried that Shatty would be disappointed in herself because she concealed her family background, so she decided to continue to hide it.

Jiaye got the quotations from the three companies and joined Fangyuan to make trouble. He Yuwen asked everyone to calm down, and everyone insisted on finding Fang Zhiyou. Fang Zhiyou walked out of the office, saying that there must be a problem with this matter, and will give them an explanation after checking it out.

At this time, He Yuwen said that she had sent someone to find out that the quotations of the three companies were leaked from Xu Yiren’s computer, knowing that she had promised to investigate the matter clearly. At the Fangyuan company’s meeting, Liu Gong told Fang to stop favoring Xu Yiren. Fang Zhiyou believes that the matter has not been investigated, and hopes that colleagues will not doubt each other, even if it is another person other than Xu Yi, he will not fire an employee at will.

Li Zhe learned of the situation of Fangyuan Company, and asked Mr. Xie to continue to sit down on this matter, and would not treat him badly after the incident. Fang Zhiyou told Gu Bo about the incident. On the night of the incident, he was with Xu Yiren, but he could not speak directly for Xu Yiren. Someone happened to turn off the surveillance on the night of the incident.

He asked Gu Bo to help him find out who that night. Finally left the company. The next day, Mr. Xie brought someone to find Xu Yiren. He praised Yiren for receiving the money and promised that he would win the bid. Mr. Xie thought that Xu Yiren did not do anything after receiving the money, and sent someone to smash Fangyuan Company. Fang Zhiyou stood in front of Xu Yiren in order to protect her from injury.

Fang Zhiyou insisted not to go to the hospital and asked Xu Yiren to bandage herself. Fang Zhiyou asked Xu Yiren not to feel guilty, because those things were directed at themselves. He promised to check things out and not let this happen again. Gu Bo found out that Jiaye Company was a leather bag company, and it was founded to frame it. After hearing this, Xu Yiren concluded that Li Zhe did it, so he personally asked Li Zhe why he did it. Li Zhe asked her who the girl she met back then was.

If Xu Yiren could tell her truthfully, she would tell her what she wanted to know. Xu Yiren admitted that she was the lost girl. Li Zhe also admitted that he expected that he would be framed by Xu Yiren in order to defend Xu Yiren’s reputation. Xu Yiren asked who sent the e-mail using her computer. Li Zhe saw through that she was recording with a voice recorder and snatched the voice recorder that Xu Yiren had hidden in her cuff, and told her to give up helping her.

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