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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 40 Recap

Because the Xuanbing was controlled by the child worm, if the mother worm died, the child worm would die. Lin Jing did not want to use Chihuazhu to control his life and death, so he managed to destroy the phantom butterfly in the body, and asked Bai Su to break the ice crystal into the body of the Xuanbing , To ensure that they have no risk of life and return to the body of freedom. As a result, the Xuan Bing Fu was successfully lifted. Lin Jing no longer had to endure the poison of anti-bite, and even his skill was not reduced but increased. Elder Tang Men and other disciples had nowhere else to go, and because Lin Jing was open-minded, he was willing to give it up. Sincere surrender, from now on only for the owner of the Lan family, follow life and death.

Rong Jingfeng fainted for no reason, even though the disciple applied the needle, it has not improved. Rong Su noticed that his father’s body temperature was cold and cold, lest he would return to the sky and was so anxious, but he was ordered to send ice crystals until the ice crystals melted into his heart, and his breath and pulse were stable and peaceful. How did Rong Jingfeng wake up, while Rong Suo was taking the medicine, he left without saying a word, hiding in the town of Tingfeng, peeping at the spiritual conspiracy, seeing that Longyin City was no longer the past, and his heart was bleak.

The disciples of Shengzitang did everything to damage Mo Xian’s hands, and Xuan Ye insisted on going to the rescue. Liuli knew that Longyin City was covered with Xiaoxuemeng’s eyeliner. Instead of persuasion, he simply let him wait outside the town, and then sneaked into the town of Fengfeng to explore. news. Unexpectedly, the situation inside and outside of Longyin City was mixed, and Mo Huan was afraid that an adulterer would be dormant. In particular, she set a daily rule. Mei Ying saw through the silver ring on her wrist through the flaws of the glaze, so she pushed her into the dungeon.

Rong Li made suggestions and helped Wang Shuangjie get out of trouble. Lu Yizhou wanted to solve the misunderstanding between her and Lin Jing, so she arbitrarily Zhang, revealed the location to Wang Zhiyuan, and informed Rong Hua to come to the medical hall to gather. Rongxi found that Rong Jingfeng should stay here, and found ice crystal particles from the partial room. Even if Rongli and Lu Yizhou were concealed and concealed, they still could not dispel the doubt.

When Xuan Ye learned that Liu Li had been arrested, he quickly went to Rong Su for help. He thought about defending Fengfeng Town’s sentry, and Mei Ying was sitting here, setting up a barrier eye array method, which was difficult to break through. Mei Xueman once learned a little bit of skill, and had drawn the lost array method studied by his brother into a book for future use. Now that her brother has gone astray and slay killings, Mei Xueman knows that those who want to succeed must have a choice, and they will simply give the album to Rongyu, hoping that she will be released to the public and destroy the spiritual teaching plan.

Liu Li was trapped in a prison, and was severely tortured for several days. Even if she suffered bruises, she refused to confess to Xuan Ye’s hiding place. The leader of the alliance Jin Que took her one hand and treated her as if she were out of it. Seeing this situation, she was both distressed for the mother and too foolish to pay everything and even life for the outsiders.

However, Liuli’s heart was decided, and she knew which was more important. For her, Jin Que and Xuan Ye could be cherished in this life. Although the death was still alive, she could finally be stunned, so I specifically asked Jin Que to act on her behalf after her death. Collect the corpse, hope to leave Xuan Ye a beautiful image, do not want to appear in embarrassment again.

Rong Si was not allowed to manipulate Mei Ying close, and had to let Mei Xueman deliver the antidote to Mei Ying first, and then find someone to sneak into Longyin City, secretly lay out, and disperse the forces in the city. Lu Yizhou decided to go in person and meet with Lin Jing in private, because Lin Jing realized that the plum blossoms were easy to count, and he was also ready to set up the array. He set up the plum blossom gossip in the Mo Huan Bianyuan, and applied Mei Xiang to draw Mo Huan, and found that he was illusory. Lost, when the two broke into Meiying’s bedroom, they just happened to see Meiying taking antidote, which caused misunderstanding.

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