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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 39 Recap

Rong Si originally wanted to say goodbye, but unexpectedly had a peek at the portrait of Lin Ruohan. The person in this painting is wonderful, and even Chihuazhu in his hand is spread with real flowers, and the leaves are lifelike, seemingly illusory. Now that the traces of stripping are obvious, Chi Huazhu is no longer there, Rong Hua is puzzled, and quickly went to Lin Jing, seeing that he was chained to the cave with shackles, his wrists flesh and blood, and his expression was painful, and he seemed to try his best to suppress the poison.

Lin Jing shouted to stop Ronghua from approaching, and even spoke harshly to her, trying to force him away. However, Ronghua’s thorough thinking is by no means misunderstood because of three or two sentences. It is just that the two have their own fetters. Fortunately, this fetter will hurt each other’s feelings, so the best way at present is to separate them temporarily to avoid embarrassment on both sides.

Bai didn’t know the truth, and mistakenly thought that Lin Jing lived up to Rongyu. He was chattering all the way and was about to return to Heishi Mountain with Rongli. Do a good job of defense so as not to attack by spiritualism.

At the same time, Mei Ying suddenly appeared in the town of Tingfeng, followed by his whereabouts, attracted Xuan Ye and others, and all schools of the Jianghu Lake. Surrounded by education, don’t move around.

Mo Huan deployed in detail, instructing the disciples to lead disciples into the Longyin City from the outposts on both sides of the east and west, and attacking the four halls directly according to the map path. Jin Que then needed to lead the disciples of Xiaoxuemen to guard the town of Tingfeng until the Longyin City saw the flames. At the beginning, Supai disciples spread the news and informed all the factions to witness the change of Lord Longyin.

Mo Huan made a big move, which caused the Chaos of Longyin City, and Jingyuan vowed to die for the moat. However, he lost his skill and was hit hard before he actually shot. If it were not for a small seal to resist, he would die on the spot.

Lu Yizhou followed Rong Su to Longyin City, but he did not know that the spiritualism had already won. Longyin City was completely destroyed. He was worried about their rash actions. He simply lay an ambush on the way back to the city, came forward to block, and sent a few confidants to rescue Jingyuan Wait for someone. Rong Su was not able to control herself, insisting on coexisting and dying with Longyin City, Mo Huan subdued it easily, without killing, but let her personally feel the taste of losing everything, and even witnessed how the forces of the Lan tribe extended from Beihuang to the dragon Yincheng.

Although Mei Ying temporarily relieved the poison of Chihuazhu, Lin Jing shot only to get rid of the poison completely. Fortunately, Lin Jing seized the lifeline of Meiying early, and gave Chihuazhu the antidote to Rongyu. Now that Lingjiao is occupying the Longyin City, Rongyu can’t touch the stones with eggs, but can only use the antidote to control Mei Ying and force him to use it for himself.

Previously, Lin Jing had discovered the secrets of the mind and law from Lin Ruohan’s paintings, and learned that Mo Huan had developed a method of countering bitterness in Chihuazhu. However, this method is too fierce. The poisonous insect quickly emerged as a butterfly, and when it competed with the phantom butterfly, the party must maintain a strong will before removing the phantom butterfly, otherwise it would be completely enchanted without any room for maneuver.

Lin Jing wanted to destroy Chi Huazhu, but was afraid that he would not be able to get through this level. He kept Ronghua sad, and even condoned the tribes to be rude to her. Leave, so there is no worries.

Seeing the anti-bite will be both, and time cannot be delayed, Bai Su assists him, first turns the poisonous insect into a butterfly, and then enters Lin Jing’s body. How could Lin Jing lose his mind, not only tearing the chain, but even pinching Bai Su’s neck, unable to Break free. Due to Lin Jing’s convening in advance, the elders of the Tang Men’s 2nd elder Lin Jing was so upset and irritable.

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