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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 38 Recap

Na Lanyue and Lu Yizhou sent off uncontrollably, and they told them that Mo Huan used to put important things in sight, and suggested that they go back and look for them carefully. Lu Yizhou was worried that the source of Wang’s Xiao Xuemeng would be broken. Lanyue thought that Mo Huan would rather cut off his brother’s news.

Mo Huan was very distressed because of the intensification of anti-bite. Jin Que and his wife immediately stepped forward to care. Mo Huan thought that he also had a new plan to be blessed by the disaster. That Lanyue always disagrees with himself, even if Longyin City does not have Rong Jingfeng, he can ask Ding Jianghu. Regardless of speculation about Mo Huan’s plan, Jin Que believes that Mo Huan wants to win Longyin City and competes with Na Lanyue, who is far away in the northern wasteland, with the strength of the Central Plains.

Mei Ying rescued Rong Jingfeng and mocked him for being kicked off the castle by his daughter. Rong Jingfeng was reluctant to be a street rat. Mo Huan stepped forward to count Rong Jingfeng’s crimes. Rong Jingfeng wanted to fight against it but was prevented. Mo Huan decided to put Rong Jingfeng’s hard work Dragon City for many years under his own control. In Beihuang, where there is no longer a safe place, I am curious whether Rong Jingfeng will return to Na Lanyue if he goes back like this.

Bai Zhi received the news from his brother and headed for the confluence of Heishi Mountain. The main schools of the rivers and lakes made a statement because they let Rong Jingfeng go. No matter how Bai Zhi explained, everyone believed that Longyin City collaborated with the spiritual religion.

Bai Zhi finally merged with his brother Wang Zhiyuan. Wang Zhiyuan told him that Xiao Xuemeng had burned all his ships while he was buying and selling news, and his source of information was cut off. As far as Bai is curious about the situation of the older brother, Wang Zhiyuan told him that because of the fatal lawsuit, all the darts were seized overnight, and he is now too busy to take care of himself. Bai Zhizhi believes that these things are related to the robbery of Rong Jingfeng, and Wang Zhiyuan believes that he can only rely on the strength of Na Lanyue in the Beihuang.

Elder Tang Jiaer told Na Lanyue about Rong Jingfeng’s escape. Na Lanyue told him to arrest Rong Jingfeng if he resisted the Fa-rectification. Rongyu outside the door happened to be talking between the two and wanted to go out to find out the news.

Bai Zhi and Rong Su meet, and Rong Su is anxious because he has no news. At this time, Lu Yizhou arrived and invited Bai to go to meet with the spiritualist. Rong Suo and Bai Su are also currently in the spiritualist.

Mo Huan and Mei Ying rushed to Tingfeng Town. Mo Fang lamented that Tengfeng Town was so depressed now that Rong Suo had worked so hard for Longyin City to get to such a dead city. Mei Ying wondered why Mo Huan didn’t see Rong Jingfeng’s ugliness in Beihuang, but went to Longyin City. Mo Huan ordered him to summon the people of the rivers and lakes to Longyin City to discuss the statement.

Baizhi met Rongyu and Baisu in Lingjiao. Baisu asked about Longyin City. Baizhi blamed himself for being useless. Mei Ying took the opportunity to snatch Rong Jingfeng.

Liuli told Rongsu that the fireworks are the place where Rong Jingfeng hides, reminding everyone to pay attention to the traps. Rong Su couldn’t understand why Liuli sent messages to everyone, and reminded everyone that Liuli was only worried about Xuan Ye’s safety. Rong Su hopes Liu Li will send a message to Rong Wei and protect his father in times of crisis.

Rong Jingfeng was hunted down by all major schools of the rivers and lakes. He hoped that everyone could let themselves go. Rong Su arrived in time to save his father and asked Xuan Ye to take his father to Lingjiao. Rong Jingfeng was reluctant to go but was helpless.

After receiving the news from Ruri, Na Lanyue decided to help Rong Suo. After a while, Xuan Bing appeared, and the main schools immediately stopped when they saw the bad situation. Na Lanyue was determined to resolve the hatred between the Na Lan family and Rong Jingfeng, and Rongyu stepped forward to stop after learning of it. Lu Yizhou had to stun her.

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