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Love a Lifetime 暮白首 Episode 37 Recap

Liu Li went to Xuan Ye’s room and waited for him. Xuan Ye was curious about the reason why she investigated Bai Su’s serious illness. Liu Li found that Bai Su’s pillow was made of agarwood, which was just like Bai Su’s medicine. The two sat together and thought about the future. Liuli decided to use his savings to buy a yard in Jiangnan, hoping that Xuan Ye would go to Jiangnan to find himself later.

Rong Su was difficult to choose in front of family and justice. He wanted to tell Rong Jingfeng about the truth, but Rong Jingfeng lamented that Bai Su would be exhausted. Unfortunately, he was a great learner. Rong Suo said nothing immediately after hearing it.

Bai Su brought people from all over the world to discuss his claims. Bai Zhi asked Rong Jingfeng why he had poisoned Bai Su. Rong Jingfeng believed that Bai had been provoking right and wrong, and Bai Su immediately told everyone the truth about Huahai. The destruction of Huahai and the killing of the masters of the rivers and lakes were all done by Rong Jingfeng. Rong Jingfeng wanted to use force to suppress it. Rong Suo told everyone that he had withdrawn all his disciples from Longyin City. Rong Jing Feng asked Rong Suo why he had led a wolf into the room, embarrassing himself. Rong Suo knelt down on the ground and asked Rong Jingfeng to go back to the shore. The factions wanted to kill Rong Jingfeng to take revenge. Rong Jingfeng was moved by Rong Suo and took the initiative to recognize the plantation. He hoped that everyone would let Rong Suo and Longyin City pass.

Rong Su hoped that everyone would witness, Rong Jingfeng took off the seat of Longyin City, and spent the rest of his life in prison. The affairs in the city are all taken care of by oneself, and the key to the prison door is managed by Bai Su. Everyone saw Rong Su’s determination to promise Rong Jingfeng a way of life. On the other side, Rongyu and Nalanyue were glad that Rong Jingfeng could regret it.

Na Lanyue arranged for the Na Lan tribe to evacuate the leader, and let everyone choose to attack the leader or evacuate. The evacuees can also help resettlement. On the other side, Mo Huan had already discovered that Na Lanyue had centrifuged and led the spiritual disciples to camp in the suburbs.

Mei Ying has been missing for several months. With Yi Rong self-protection, if it is not in urgent need of Chihuazhu antidote, how could he easily send a message to Xiaoxue Meng to personally see Mo Huan, who will depend on Mei Ying’s nomination. Mei Ying calculated Bai Su’s strength. The most capable of the disciples under Bai Su’s seat was Wang Shuangjie. They monopolized Jianghu’s information, which would inevitably cause trouble for Mo Huan. Source, but it will also affect the business of Little Blood Alliance. In turn, the Xiaoxue League was solved by Wang Shuangjie’s throat.

Rong Su led his disciples to arrest Mei Ying. Mo Huan thought that a few of them were not afraid. At this time Bai Su appeared, Mo Huan understood that Bai Su was here to contain himself, and that Lan Yue should have already entered the spiritual religion at this time.

Na Lanyue took the disciples into the spiritual religion, and could not help the disciples to resist. Na Lanyue didn’t forget to care for his life-saving grace, but he didn’t want to face him, but he could choose a dilemma under the orders of the elder sister and the order of the master.

Na Lanyue served as the team leader under the recommendation of everyone, took out the jade pendant left by Lin Ruohan before his death and vowed that he must clear the rivers and lakes.

Mo Huan handed over the keys stolen from Bai Su to Mei Ying. Mei Ying arranged for the disciples in the city to take Rong Jingfeng out of the city. Baizhi arranged for Jingyuan to guard Longyin City and went out to search for the whereabouts of Mei Ying and Rong Jingfeng.

Na Lanyue suspended spiritual teaching for several days, but he never found anything about Xuan Bing Rune. He asked Cang Qi to use the good black iron to build the shackles, hoping that he would lock himself when he was poisoned. Rongxi knew that Lanyue did not want to be manipulated by Mo Huan. At this time, Lu Yizhou told the two people that Rong Jingfeng had escaped from Longyin City. That Lanyue wondered why she had not received the news. Rong Hua guessed that the source of the news was cut off and worried about the situation of Wangshuangjie.

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