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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 6 Recap

Liu Jing quarreled with Emperor Zhou in the palace accident

Zhao Caier, who withdrew from the Frost Flower Palace, told Yan Anling about Liu Jing’s private meeting with her lover, and Yan Anling prepared to find out the crime of her lover’s treatment of Liu Jing.

Liu Jing, who was sprayed with tea on her face, removed her makeup and admitted that she was a woman, and asked Yu Wenzhao to call her Jinger and treat her brother as compensation for seeking her. Yu Wenzhao gave Liu Jing a deposit of jade pendant, and Yu Wenzhao agreed with Yu Wenzhao. Arranged to go to Lan Dong first before going to treat the illness.

In the Frost Flower Palace, it turns out that Dugu Jin and the Queen Mother have known each other a long time ago and are still in love. Dugu Jin calls people to find Yu Wenzhao, and Yu Wenzhao, who is waiting for Liu Jing to come back, expresses that he likes Liu Jing, but is subsequently attracted by Dugu Jin. People took it back.

Lan Dong looked at the poison brought by Liu Jing and found that it was a chronic poison Soul Eater. Only then did Liu Jing realize that Yuwen Yong was the real cause of the “monster”. He felt distressed and guilty about it. Liu Jing wanted to save Emperor Zhou, but got No trace of the prescriptions.

Anxiously waiting in the palace Liu Jing Hui Gong’s Crescent Moon met to come to condemn Zhao Yan Anling and two adopted children, Liu Jing, denied that the eviction would Crescent Moon lover thing is Zhangzui Rong Mother. Liu Jing, who turned back, found that Yu Wenzhao was no longer here, and planned to go back later, but she did not know that Crescent Moon was being punished.

Liu Jing, who stole back to the palace at night, was arrested. Yan Anling thought Liu Jing went out of the palace to meet her lover and wanted to punish Liu Jing for falling out of her jade pendant during the dispute. The Emperor Zhou heard that Liu Jing’s lover looked calm and thought. Tan Liu Jing asked the imperial concubine to interrogate her, and sent Huo Yi to stare. Hearing the reply, Yan Anling was ready to do it, but Liu Jing said that her adulterer was the emperor, and Yu Pei was also the emperor. The tortured Liu Jing and the whip-holding Yan Anling continued to quarrel, Huo Yi arrived in time and stopped the torture. The emperor also arrived. When he heard the emperor admit that Yu Pei was himself, Liu Jing and Yan Anling both looked shocked. Liu Jing also learned that it was Jade Pei, and then the Emperor Zhou took Liu Jing away.

In Yilan Palace, Liu Jing was afraid that her identity would be exposed, so she only said that she met Yu Wenzhao and got the jade pendant. Seeing that Emperor Zhou was very concerned about her lover, Liu Jing asked him if he liked herself. After hearing the negative answer A trace of disappointment flashed, and he said in a rage that he didn’t like Emperor Zhou. After hearing that, Emperor Zhou was very angry. He forced a kiss to overwhelm Liu Jing. He watched the crying Liu Jing go away angrily. Crescent Moon came to comfort Liu Jing and realized that Emperor Zhou. In fact, always protect her.

Zhao Cai’er was very angry when she knew that Liu Jing had escaped this disaster, worried about her growing belly. Emperor Zhou, who came to Yilan Palace in the middle of the night, looked at Liu Jing with distressed eyes, and silently gave her wound medicine. Liu Jing, who was chattering in her dream, shouted and cursed Emperor Zhou with pain, and Emperor Zhou also consulted by himself for Liu Jing who was sleeping. When she left, she asked Liu Jing if she was really uncomfortable by his side.

In the Frost Flower Palace, the emperor met Yu Wenzhao who was feeding the queen mother, remembering what Liu Jing said last night, and guessing that the person Yu Wenzhao met was Liu Jing. I asked Yu Wenzhao about the whereabouts of his jade pendant by taking a walk. Yu Wenzhao said that it was given to his sweetheart, but it became the Emperor of Zhou. Yu Wenyong opposed the incident but couldn’t tell the truth and turned and left.

When Liu Jing woke up, she found that her wound was bandaged, and she was angry that she did not admit that it was bandaged by Emperor Zhou. Emperor Zhou was also caught in the question whether Liu Jing liked Yu Wenzhao.

Yu Wenzhao, who received Liu Jing’s reply, found that the agreed time coincided with the Queen Mother’s birthday, and he didn’t know what to do. At this time, Liu Jing also found that the appointment time with Yu Wenzhao was in conflict, and she had to prepare the Queen Mother’s birthday gift first.

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