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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 5 Recap

Zhao Cai’er, who was vomiting, asked her maid Min’er to ask the doctor Cao to come for a diagnosis. She ran into Liu Jing who was studying at the Taiyuan Hospital. Liu Jing who had left to go to the cold palace to collect medicine heard that Liu Jing wanted to try the effect of her study, but was rejected . The doctor Cao diagnosed that Zhao Cai’er was pregnant, but was threatened not to tell the matter and gave a reward. It turned out that this was the child of Zhao Cai’er and Yang Qingli.

Emperor Zhou tasted Liu Jing’s dishes, and Liu Jing felt that Yuwen Yong became more and more attractive. After the meal, Liu Jing accompanied Emperor Zhou to review the memorial, and when he talked about Zhao Cai’er seeking medical treatment from the emperor, Emperor Zhou was puzzled. In the middle of the night, Huoyi stared at Min’er who had secretly dumped the medicine dregs. The next day Huoyi asked Liu Jing what the medicine slag was. He found that it was an anti-fetal medicine and told Liu Jing not to talk about the medicine. Huo Yi reported to Emperor Zhou that Emperor Zhou had known about Zhao Caier and Yang Qingli for a long time, and wanted to remove them both.

Zhao Caier and Yang Qingli were in a private meeting in Lenggong and met Liu Jing who was going to gather medicine. Outside the house, Liu Jing saw the figures and voices in the room, and found that it was Zhao Caier and Yang Qingli. They ran away in a hurry. Through the missing medicine basket on the ground, the two people in the room learned that it was Liu Jing and they wanted to get rid of her. Liu Jing, who ran back in a panic, told Yue Ya’er what she had seen in Lenggong. The two were surprised. Liu Jing was also afraid of being beheaded, so she didn’t plan to tell Emperor Zhou. She felt a little pity for Emperor Zhou, but Liu Jing suddenly I remembered that my medicine basket had not been taken away.

At night, Liu Jing, who was awakened by the nightmare, found that Yang Qingli was rushing over with a weapon in her hand, turned around and took out a handful of powder from under the pillow and spilled it over, shouting and fleeing. Liu Jing ran to find Emperor Zhou, but did not tell Emperor Zhou the reason. She went to bed and went to bed. At this time, her father-in-law Zhang Dequan came to send a supper to the emperor. Liu Jing heard that there was a problem with the sweet soup. The emperor suffocated him with a kiss. Afterwards, Emperor Zhou still drank the sweet soup. After Zhang Dequan was gone, Emperor Zhou warned Liu Jing not to tell the matter and went to the Imperial Study Room.

Dugu Jin is still chasing Wu Da. It turned out that the poison was promoted by Dugu, so that his son Dugucheng could ascend to the throne.

Zhao Caier and Yang Qingli, who had failed the assassination, quarreled because of the child, and then drove Yang Qingli out.

Early in the morning, Liu Jing, who had woke up from Yuechen Hall, met Yan An Ling who had come to give Zhou Emperor breakfast. The two began to compete, and then Yan An left with aura. When Bi Dayong brought breakfast to Emperor Zhou, he talked about the Yuechen Palace, and Emperor Zhou laughed happily knowing that Liu Jing had not suffered.

After leaving, Liu Jing came to Zhao Cai’er’s palace. Liu Jing wanted to get Zhao Cai’er pulse but was rejected. Liu Jing directly told Yang Qingli’s assassination of her. Then Liu Jing said that she understood her and Yang Qingli’s affairs. Zhao Cai’er couldn’t believe it. Liu Jing lied to her to tell her that she also had a lover and promised that she would never tell about them, and she also got a guarantee that she would not be assassinated again. After Liu Jing left, Zhao Cai’er was very angry at being threatened, and planned to tell Yan Anling about Liu Jing’s lover.

Liu Jing went out of the palace to ask about Lan Dong’s poison, but was arrested by Yu Wenzhao who had been waiting for a long time . Hearing Liu Jing telling her that her brother was Yuwen Yongshi, she sprayed tea on Liu Jing’s face. Liu Jing of Yu Wenzhao discovered the clues.

Yan Anling, who was serving the decoction next to the Queen Mother, and Zhao Caier mentioned that Liu Jing had stayed in the Yuechen Palace last night, when Dugu Jin suddenly visited.

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