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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 4 Recap

When Emperor Zhou learned that Liu Jing was inquiring about her own preferences, he sent Bi Dayong to inform that Liu Jing was overjoyed and recorded Zhou Emperor’s preferences one by one. At night, when Emperor Zhou came to Yilan Palace, he saw Liu Jing dressed strangely and greeted him with thick powder, so that Emperor Zhou could put herself into the cold palace. Seeing that the emperor was indifferent, Liu Jing raised up other beauties, Emperor Zhou. The more I listened, the more I couldn’t help laughing, Emperor Zhou greeted Liu Jing, who was addicted to the introduction, to come over, pulled it into his arms, possessed and kissed, and the people next to him also retired with interest.

When Zhao Caier learned that Liu Jing was inquiring about Emperor Zhou’s preferences, she didn’t take it seriously, and satirized Liu Jing’s death. After learning about this, Yan Anling felt that she had been deceived and wanted to find Liu Jing to settle the account. Liu Jing saw the imperial concubine coming and got up to greet him. The imperial concubine immediately let Rongniang slap her mouth. There were scars on Liu Jing’s face. Rongniang wanted to continue but was blocked by Liu Jing. The imperial concubine and Liu Jing kept arguing. People arrested Liu Jing, Liu Jing suddenly sprayed a handful of powder on the concubine, the concubine’s face became red and swollen, and then left angrily.

In the imperial study room, Tang Wan and Huo Yi were reporting to Emperor Zhou about Princess Linchuan, and Emperor Zhou let people continue to inquire. When Bi Dayong came in to report Liu Jing’s injury to Yan Anling, Emperor Zhou was surprised.

Yan Anling told the empress dowager what was happening today, Liu Jing was unable to argue, and the empress punished Liu Jing for thirty. The Emperor Zhou rushed to rescue Liu Jing who was struggling with the board in time. Through this incident, the queen mother knew Liu Jing’s position in the emperor’s heart. In the Yilan Palace, after the imperial physician’s diagnosis, Emperor Zhou gave Liu Jing the medicine himself. Liu Jing also told the fact that she liked medicine. Emperor Zhou promised Liu Jing that she could go to the Taiyuan Hospital to study. Liu Jing was very excited after hearing this. The emperor’s favor has increased.

Yang Qingli and Zhao Caier, who had met in private, felt that Liu Jing was weird and planned to beware. When the night was black and the wind was high, the Emperor Zhou came to the Queen Mother’s Palace. The two explained what happened during the day. The Emperor Zhou suggested that Liu Jing was the best candidate to solve Dugu Jin’s eyeliner. The emperor also made the Queen Mother misunderstand him because of this reason. Protecting Liu Jing. Lying on the bed, Liu Jing recalled what Zhou Di said when he rescued her, but did not realize that her feelings for Zhou Di began to change.

In the Frost Flower Palace, the Queen Mother and Emperor Zhou were talking about Zhao’er. It turned out that Zhao’er was His Royal Highness Yu Wenzhao , who looked at the portrait and felt familiar. After Liu Jing was well, she remembered how Emperor Zhou had taken care of her, and wanted to return Yu Wenyong .

Huo Yi came to report and found Li Mu’s body. After hearing this, Emperor Zhou felt deeply self-blaming and unwilling. Yu Wenzhao came to Zhou Di, and the two of them played chess and chatted. Speaking of the person Liu Jing and Yu Wenzhao were looking for, they didn’t realize that they were talking about the same person. Yu Wenzhao asked Zhou Di’s jade pendant for the convenience of winning chess. Go out of the palace to continue looking for Liu Jing.

Crescent Moon came to report that Liu Jing was cooking in person, and Emperor Zhou immediately moved to Yilan Palace. At the dinner table, Emperor Zhou looked at the table full of dishes, and his mood improved a lot. Liu Jing took out the embroidered sachet, and Emperor Zhou happily accepted it even though his mouth was ugly. Emperor Zhou also took the opportunity to warn Liu Jing to converge in front of the mother’s back. The two agreed that Liu Jing could cook several dishes for Emperor Zhou to go to the hospital several times, and then the two chatted and ate.

In the hall of Zhao Cai’er, the maid Min’er brought breakfast, but Zhao Cai’er suddenly vomited and hurried to get a doctor, but Zhao Cai’er was worried.

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