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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 3 Recap

Yan Anling sat down with a cold face and mentioned the Emperor Zhou staying overnight. Liu Jing said where the emperor’s heart lies with the imperial concubine. After hearing this, the imperial concubine was shy and happy, and asked Liu Jing to talk carefully. Liu Jing thought again. It’s time to make up a story.

A masked woman flew over the wall, and Zhou Emperor heard the movement and pushed Bi Dayong out. The original masked woman named Tang Wan , Tai designed spying for the week, she went dark checked provincial governor Yang Yi Han relief Liangkuan corruption case, Lee Yi Zhou Zhangshi wood missing but want to expose Beijing, which is Tokgo Yang Han For the people of Jin, the Emperor Zhou sent Tang Wan to find and bring Li Mu, and sent people to investigate the details of Princess Linchuan. Tang Wan led her out, but saw Huo Yi waiting for her. Huo Yi concerned and said to be careful when dealing with Dugujin, and then Tang Wan left.

Liu Jing and Crescent Moon checked the terrain around the palace and found a hole in the wall, and the two immediately got out. The two came out of the street pretending to be a woman disguised as a man. Liu Jing came to the Landong Medical Hall and found many women at the entrance of the Medical Hall. Liu Jing was pushing and pushing with the medical staff, and fell down. A man Just to catch the fallen Liu Jing, the two looked at each other for a long time. From the mouth of this young man, I learned that it was originally a medical clinic recruitment. This young man also came to seek help from a genius doctor because his brother was seriously ill, but was turned away several times. After hearing this, Liu Jing spoke up and prepared to apply for help. , And then learned his name, Zhaoer.

In the first round of competition, Liu Jing was full of confidence. Everyone had their own opinions. Liu Jing told the true cause and reason. Zhaoer, who was lying on the wall, felt that Liu Jing was very powerful and reliable. Liu Jing also saw Brother Lan Dong and asked him to cure Crescent Moon’s poison. Liu Jing also stated that he would not go back this time, but he stayed with the brother’s persuasion. Zhao’er, who was waiting outside the store, was very anxious, and was angry and anxious after listening to the clerk that Liu Jing had left. After Liu Jing returned to the palace, she suddenly remembered asking for medicine for Zhao’er, but she was afraid that Yu Wenyong would find out, so she planned to make long-term discussions.

When Liu Jing learned the appearance of a princess, Emperor Zhou came. Liu Jing happened to fall, and when she got up, she couldn’t stand still and fell on Zhou Di. She was picked up horizontally and taken into the house. The Emperor Zhou found the embroidered handkerchief hidden by Liu Jing, jokingly saying that it resembled a dog like a quail. Liu Jing also began to argue. The Emperor Zhou asked Liu Jing to make him a sachet, and then the Emperor Zhou was called to the Frost Flower Palace by the Queen Mother.

When Huo Yi came to Changlefang, it turned out that Li Mu was found. Dugujin was reprimanding Yang Han for corruption. Yang Han explained that he did so because of the general’s 50th birthday.

Liu Jing came to Lenggong to collect medicine, smelled an unpleasant smell, walked into the house and found a female corpse. After Liu Jing went back, she talked to Yue Ya’er about it. After knowing that no one would care about entering the Leng Palace, she figured out a way for the emperor to beat her into the Leng Palace.

Li Mu came to the palace in a soldier’s uniform and told the true inside story of the locust plague. The emperor was furious after hearing this. Li Mu gave the evidence to his master Wu Da. When Huo Yi escorted Li Mu away, he met Yang Qingli and his accomplices who had been intercepted by masks. The two sides fought together. Eventually, Li Mu was taken away and disappeared. Huo Yi returned to the palace to report, and Emperor Zhou was distressed and blamed himself. Li Mu, who was taken away, was severely tortured, and Dugujin threatened the life of his family and told where the evidence went.

In the palace, Liu Jing called the court ladies and eunuchs to inquire about Emperor Zhou’s preferences one by one. Bi Dayong told Emperor Zhou about the situation he saw when passing by Yilan Palace. After hearing this, Emperor Zhou was surprised and planned to fulfill Liu Jing’s desire to please him.

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