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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 2 Recap

Seeing Yu Wenyong ‘s red eyes, Liu Jing thought he was really a monster. At this time, the empress dowager just arrived here, arranged for someone to take Zhou Di back to the palace, and threatened Liu Jing not to leak the wind, so she left. Early in the morning, Liu Jing found that the maids had changed all the time. When she knew that the maids had been dealt with, Liu Jing was scared.

Yuwenyong and the empress dowager suspect that Liu Jing is a member of the Dugu Jin Dynasty. Yuwenyong proposed to have a banquet in the palace to reward Dugu Jin and the emperor.

At the banquet, the sound of silk and bamboo was full of ears, and delicious food was placed at the table, but Dugu Jin was delayed, which made the emperor unhappy. Dugu Jin then Shanshan came late, and explained to Yu Wen Yong with arrogance that he was sick from the war horse, but due to the power of Dugu Jin, Yu Wen Yong could only swallow his anger. Liu Jing saw this as if she was watching a joke. After the banquet, the envoy of Chen Guo presented a night pearl of the South China Sea, which could help sleep and strengthen the body, and everyone was amazed.

The empress dowager originally wanted to give Yuwenyong, who knows that Dugu Jin proposed that she had countless scars from the long-term battle, and wanted to take Ye Mingzhu away, the emperor secretly grabbed his sleeves, and forbeared it for the sake of the overall situation. Yang Qingli, Dugujin’s subordinate, wanted to molest Liu Jing, but Liu Jing took advantage of the opportunity of pouring wine to torture and humiliate Yang Qingli. Liu Jing and Crescent Moon talked about the banquet in the room, and concluded that the actual controller of Da Zhou was Dugu Jin.

Liu Jing was canonized as a beauty, Yu Wenyong heard the words of gratitude brought back by her father-in-law, and felt that Liu Jing was more weird but clever. Liu Jing and Yue Ya’er discussed why Chen Guo and Yu Wenyong canonized her.

When everyone in the harem waited for peace of mind to the Queen Mother, they did not forget all kinds of jealousy, “You come and I go”, Liu Jing also arrived later, and the maid came out and said that the Queen Mother only wanted to see Liu Jing, so that everyone retreated. It was the queen mother who wanted to know what happened to Yang Qingli. Liu Jing thought she had been discovered, so she quickly explained. The queen mother believed her and told her to withdraw after a few words.

Liu Jing was a little worried. Back in the palace, the women of the palaces sent cakes as gifts. But Crescent Moon had a painful abdominal pain just after eating. Liu Jing discovered that it was Yufeng San, and quickly fed Crescent Moon with medicine, but it could only last for a month. People think that running away can save their lives, and when the camera turns, it turns out that Zhao Caier’s poison was poisoned.

That night, Liu Jing planned to escape with Yue Ya’er, but was discovered by the guard Huo Yi and was taken to see Yu Wenyong. Liu Jing explained that they missed their hometown parents to enjoy the moon, and Yu Wenyong let Liu Jing stay alone. Liu Jing was afraid of being beheaded and wanted to please Emperor Zhou and handed him water, but Emperor Zhou was afraid of going crazy like Yang Qingli.

Emperor Zhou offered to let her wait in bed. Under the “threat” of Emperor Zhou, Liu Jing humbled and agreed. Liu Jing wanted to pretend that she had a stomachache but was hugged by Emperor Zhou. Crescent Moon was worried about Liu Jing outside the house. Emperor Zhou asked Liu Jing to sleep in his arms, but Liu Jing was worried about attending the bed. Zhou Emperor smiled secretly when seeing Liu Jing looking scared.

The next morning, Liu Jing woke up without seeing Emperor Zhou. Crescent Moon thought that Liu Jing had been wronged last night and felt guilty in her heart.

Crescent Moon ran into other attendants on the way to Huanyi Bureau. They saw the blood stains on the sheets, and then reported it to the noble concubine Yan Anling. When the noble concubine knew about it, she was angry and worried, and Rongniang asked her to beat Liu Jing. When Yue Ya’er and Liu Jingzheng were discussing to investigate the palace, Yan Anling suddenly arrived, not knowing what she intended.

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