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For Married Doctress 替嫁医女 Episode 1 Recap

Liu Jing meets Emperor Zhou for the first time in marriage

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the State of Zhou was powerful. During the battle of Zhou Qi and the defeat of Qi, Chen Emperor Chen Xiang was worried about Chen Guo’s safety, so he discussed with Chen Yun, the prince of Chen Kingdom, Taiwei Yuan, and Taifu Liu about how to deal with it. Taifu Liu mentioned that Princess Linchuan jumped ten years ago. Yiwu’s “Phoenix Yu Fei” was taken by Zhou’s ancestors, and he asked the princess to make a marriage.

The daughter of Liu Taifu, Liu Jing, came to class late. She wanted to be fooled, but she was reported by Chen Ke, the third emperor of Chen Kingdom. Chen Linchuan, Princess of Chen Kingdom, meant to relieve Liu Jing, but was reprimanded by the teacher. She wanted to lie because she needed to take care of her father, so she skipped class. When I went to the hospital for medicine, the teacher believed Liu Jing’s words to be true, and planned to let her go, but Chen Ke was disrupted, and the truancy of class was revealed. When class was over, Liu Jing and Chen Ke were arguing. A eunuch reported to Chen Ke that the emperor had asked the princess to make a marriage. Chen Ke and Linchuan were very worried about this.

At night, the wind and rain were violent, and the wind blew thunder. Linchuan listened to the imperial decree and knelt outside the house and begged the emperor to take back the imperial decree. Chen Ke and Chen Yun also knelt in the rain and begged the emperor to take his destiny back. Distressed, but for the sake of Jiangshan Sheji, I couldn’t stop there, and Princess Linchuan fainted outside the house.

Liu Jing found Bai Xiaosheng for Linchuan’s marriage. Who knew this was a greedy man. He portrayed Zhou Emperor Yu Wenyong as a brutal, unblinking, and cannibal monster. Linchuan was very scared when she heard that, Liu Jing Bought one of his charms before leaving. Liu Jing came to the palace and took out the route map to Da Zhou and the Mongolian sweat medicine that she had previously skipped class and went to the Tai Hospital. I happened to meet Master Taiwei to visit Linchuan. After Liu Jing left, Taiwei looked at the direction Liu Jing was walking thoughtfully, but Liu Jing realized that he had forgotten to give Linchuan the magic charm.

In the middle of the night, Liu Jing chatted with her father in the courtyard. Liu Jing told her father that she wanted to hang the pot like her grandfather and save the world at dawn, but her father looked worried. After Liu Jing left, the servant told her father that Mrs. Tai Wei said tonight. Is the deadline. After the father listened, he watched Liu Jingyuan go back and felt extremely painful.

The next morning, the team set off. The father was heartbroken watching the leaving team. It turned out that Taiwei Yuan used an anti-poem written by his father to threaten Liu Jing to marry Linchuan instead. When Liu Jing gradually woke up on the carriage and found herself in a red wedding gown and the maid beside her calling for the princess, she suddenly realized that she had been married for her, and she wanted to leave but was forced to stay, but Liu Jing Still thinking about running away.

After resting at the post station for one night, Liu Jing tried to sneak away because of her stomachache, but she was found immediately and was rescued in the lake and brought back. In this way, I arrived at Zhou State slowly, and the maid took out the letter from her mother to Liu Jing, and saw that it said: Go to Chang’an to find Lan Dong in case of trouble.

When she arrived in Zhou, Liu Jing was placed in Yilan Palace. In the evening Yu Wenyong came, Liu Jing quickly took out the magic talisman to immobilize Zhou Di, and then realized that she had been deceived, Liu Jing was so scared that she quickly begged Zhou Di not to eat her.

Liu Jing slowly opened her eyes under the threat of Emperor Zhou, and found that Emperor Zhou was not as terrifying and tyrannical as the rumors, but rather handsome. The Queen Mother of Zhou Dynasty, Li’s heard that Liu Jing was here, and planned to come and have a look. In the room, Liu Jing was unwilling to obey Yu Wenyong, so she kicked him severely, but found that his eyes turned blood red.

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