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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 21 Recap

Fang Zhiyou said that he had been waiting for Xu Yiren for twenty-eight years. He prepared fireworks for Xu Yiren, saying that he would make every day afterwards the best memories for the two of them. Then he kissed Xu Yiren’s mouth. Xu Yiren threw himself into his arms happily, and the two spent a happy and sweet night like this.

Gu Bo helped Shadi repair the speaker. He thought it had been repaired, but accidentally shorted the circuit. Charlotte found the property for repairs, and the two could only have dinner in the dark. Gu Bo sighed that he was useless, which made Charlotte dislike herself. Shatty thinks that she is not an emotional person, and it is difficult to devote herself to a relationship wholeheartedly.

Gu Bo suggested that he should use himself to do the experiment, even if he did not succeed in the end, he would be satisfied. Shatty was moved by his words and silently accepted Gu Bo’s love. The two slowly approached each other in the dark, but suddenly called. Shati offered to let Gu Bo go back first, and went back to her room before he agreed.

Xu Yiren woke up in Fang Zhiyou’s arms and reminded him that there is a tender meeting with President He today. Fang Zhiyou still held Xu Yiren tightly and wanted to stay with her for a while. The two companies that Fangyuan found before had difficulties. Mr. He proposed to consider Jiaye Company. Although this company is small in scale, it is serious and responsible and professional enough. Fang knew that he asked Xu Yiren’s opinion. Xu Yiren wanted to give an opinion, but he was interrupted by He Yuwen. Knowing that he did, he agreed to let them participate in the bidding.

Mr. He asked Xu Yiren to help prepare the tender. Xu Yiren thought of Mr. He’s previous threats to herself, and asked her what she thought of herself now. He Yuwen admitted that she liked Fang Zhiyou a long time ago, and that what she said before was because she was jealous of her. Xu Yiren promised to go all out at work and expressed the hope that Mr. He would not be prejudiced against him because of his feelings.

Together with Li Zhe, He Yuwen and Li Zhe are ready to use a shell company Jiaye to deceive them. Li Zhe said that as long as there is trust in He Yuwen, he will definitely not doubt it. Xu Yiren wanted to have dinner with her colleagues, but she knew that she had to stop her and praised Yiren for her future lunch break. She could only accompany herself to lunch.

Xu Yiren brought Fang Zhiyou to the convenience store. Xu Yiren mentioned that she was rejected by Fang Zhiyou during the interview. At that time, she felt that she had lost confidence in the future, and she also sat in this convenience store. Fang Zhiyou apologized to her, saying that he had misunderstood her because he didn’t understand her. Xu Yiren said that when he had a question, he knew that he had to ask, and that he knew that he immediately stated that he would be responsible to Xu Yi.

After hearing this, Xu Yiren was very shy, saying that he wanted to ask He and he always didn’t like it. Fang Zhi nodded a little, saying that he didn’t tell Xu Yiren because he was worried about her thinking. He didn’t like He Yuwen before and would never like it in the future. Fang knows that there are passers-by who go back and forth on the street and kiss Xu Yiren in public.

Charlotte’s comics have received mediocre response recently, and readers think her plot is too routine. The editor proposed to let her go to fall in love, after all, experience will lead to inspiration. Fang Zhiyou works overtime with Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren works very seriously and has no time to pay attention to him. Fang Zhiyou leaned on her shoulder and reminded Xu Yiren that he seemed to forget that he still had a boyfriend. Xu Yiren asked Fang Zhiyou to go back first, and Fang Zhiyou ordered her to go home immediately in the voice of the boss, but Xu Yiren had to agree.

The next day, Xu Yiren handed the completed bid to He Yuwen. He Yuwen praised her for doing well and asked her to send the tenders to the four companies that participated in the bidding. Li Zhe took Yu Qing to the shopping mall. He looked at Yu Qing who was trying on clothes, as if he had seen Xu Yiren. Xu Yiren took Fang Zhiyou to see his uncle and aunt.

Fang Zhiyou said that there were some misunderstandings last time, but he was serious about interacting with Xu Yiren, hoping to be recognized by her elders. At this time, Yu Qing and Li Zhe also returned home, and his aunt suggested that Li Zhe should eat together, and Li Zhe was not easy to shirk. At the dinner table, her aunt questioned Fang Zhiyou’s family situation, and Fang Zhiyou called her father a lawyer.

Li Zhe satirized that lawyers can use their power to harm others. When Yu Qing mentioned that Li Zhe had saved her life as a child, she knew that Yu Qing had replaced Xu Yiren and reminded him to be careful in identifying people. My aunt thought that Fang Zhi had made the scene embarrassing and did not respect the guest Li Zhe. Xu Yiren claimed that Fang Zhiyou was also a guest at home. If the presence of the two makes her aunt upset, she doesn’t have to stay here.

On the road, Charlotte saw someone arguing ahead, so she took a small path. One of her extreme fans suddenly appeared in front of Charlotte, trying to bully her. Gu Bo stepped forward in time to protect Charlotte, but was knocked to the ground by the man, but the police rushed to subdue him.

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