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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 19 Recap

He Yuwen is frustrated in love and watches a movie alone to relieve her depression. Li Zhe took the opportunity to find He Yuwen and said that he knew that she had been giving silently, and that she had been around to support him, and that she would have known her intentions if she knew she was just using her feelings. He Yuwen knew that Li Zhe’s remarks must have some purpose. Li Zhe proposed cooperation between the two, trying to let everyone know that some people are not easy to bully. He Yuwen claimed that Li Zhe had found the wrong person.

Gu Bo took Shatty out for a drive with the latest motorcycle. Gu Bo claimed that he was not a poor student, he was actually very rich, and he also offered to give the car to Charlotte. Shati thought that Gu Bo was pretending to be rich. If he was really rich, he was deceiving himself before and threatened to blackmail Gu Bo. Gu Bo said that he really liked her and hoped that Shatty would accept herself. Shatty believes that love has nothing to do with money. The problem lies with her. She always regards him as a younger brother and does not want to fall in love with someone younger than herself.

Fang Zhiyou brought Xu Yiren to her mother’s tomb, told her current situation, and introduced Xu Yiren to her mother. At this time, I knew that some fathers also came to the cemetery with Shiyu, and they didn’t speculate when they met. Dad thinks that some companies are just a small mess and want him to work in a big company as soon as possible. Xu Yiren wanted Fang Zhi’s father to pay attention to his son’s current vision, but Fang Zhi’s father thought she was an outsider, and Fang Zhi You still didn’t understand her.

Fang Zhiyou said that the person who didn’t know him least was his father himself, and then left the cemetery in anger. Shi Yu knew that her father had always wanted to reconcile with her brother, so she deliberately changed the time to meet Fang Zhiyou. Shi Yu advised her father to be gentle in front of her brother.

Xu Yiren saw that Fang Zhi had always longed for home, and advised him to take the initiative to resolve this grievance. Fang Zhiyou thinks that solving the problem requires his father to apologize to Li Zhe himself, but his father is a good face, and it is impossible to do such a thing. Xu Yiren saw that he was caught between a good friend and his father, and was very embarrassed. She hugged him silently and comforted him.

Yu Qing told Li Zhe that the previous toy bird was given to her by her little brother when she was lost. Li Zhe felt very uncomfortable after hearing this. Fang Zhiyou found Li Zhe’s previous bird in Xu Yiren’s room, and he felt very familiar. Xu Yiren said it was given to him by his savior and told the story of the incident. Fang Zhi had thought that Li Zhe liked to weave small animals with paper and rattan when he was a child. He also bet with himself that as long as he painted it himself, Li Zhe could make it up, and the bird was painted by himself.

Xu Yiren thought that the person he had met before might be Li Zhe, which was too coincidental. Fang Zhiyou said that Li Zhe also had a villa in the Qingshan area. When Xu Yiren was in the fifth grade, it was an accident in his family. He asked Xu Yiren if he remembered other details. Xu Yiren thought that his little brother had told himself a story about kites and kites. The fairy tale of the ship. Fang Zhiyou was able to tell this story right away. It turned out that this was their favorite story book. Fang Zhiyou took Xu Yiren and decided to go to Li Zhe to ask questions.

After Yu Qing and Li Zhe dated, they took him to their parents’ house for dinner, and happened to meet Xu Yiren who had come. When Yu Qing saw the bird in Xu Yiren’s hand, he immediately snatched it and asked Li Zhe to go up first. Yu Qing admitted to Xu Yiren that she liked Li Zhe. She made Li Zhe think that she was the little girl back then, and asked Xu Yiren to let herself go. Xu Yiren didn’t want to agree.

Yu Qing said that she had discovered that Xu Yiren had a boyfriend, and did not tell her parents that she had helped Xu Yiren to keep a secret, and hoped that Xu Yiren could also help herself. Xu Yiren said that this matter is very special to her, and she will let her everything in the future, but this matter alone will not work. Yu Qing sighed that Xu Yiren never regarded herself as a relative in her heart.

She has worked hard since she was a child and is not qualified to like Li Zhe. If he knows that he has lied to him, he will not like himself even more. When Xu Yiren saw Yu Qing cry in front of him, he did not say what was in his heart to Li Zhe. Xu Yiren told Fang Zhi that there was someone who was not Li Zhe, but that he had remembered it wrong. Fang Zhi has noticed that she lied, and insisted on asking clearly.

At this time, my uncle saw Xu Yiren and Fang Zhiyou together, thinking that Fang Zhi was bullying her. Fang Zhiyou claimed to be Xu Yiren’s boyfriend, but his uncle did not seem to know his existence. Fang Zhi was very chilling. He said that he used to think they could change a lot for each other, but now it seems that he is wishful thinking.

Shatty wanted to ask Gu Bo to pour water for herself, but found that Gu Bo was no longer in her home. She heard the noise at the door and thought it was Gu Bo who was back, but found that it was Xu Yi. Xu Yiren recounted what happened today. She thinks that there is a big gap between herself and Fang Zhi, and she will be separated someday. If Li Zhe is really that person, the relationship between the three will be even more embarrassing. The next day, knowing that you were depressed at the company, Xu Yiren explained to him when sending the information that he had been with Shatty last night. Fang Zhiyou ignored her.

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