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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 8 Recap

Yue Conglin took his hands down for swimming training, and his men couldn’t help asking if he had been too close to Zhao Yuxing recently . Yue Conglin admitted that he was not only protecting Zhao Yuxing because he owed her, but actually he really liked it. Zhao Yuxing.

Yan Huanyue saw the naked Yue Zonglin from a distance, and saw his perfect figure, she was almost drooling. The guards teased her that she applied too much rouge and dragged her into the water to remove her makeup.

Hearing that Zhao Yuxing was going to serve Concubine Shu , Li Caihuang immediately attracted the emperor to taste it together. When it was time to taste the dishes, the queen mother also came. The queen mother saw Zhao Yuxing’s “Ice and Fire” fruit wine made in a peculiar way. The glazed glass cup was colorful and could catch fire. She tasted it with interest. After the juice was taken, she was full of praise and immediately gave Zhao Yuxing a reward. Zhao Yuxing was flattered when she saw the empress dowager rewarded her with a night pearl.

The empress saw Fu Li playing in the Imperial Garden and unceremoniously accused him of neglecting his studies. Li Caihuang happened to pass by here and knew that Fu Li was the son of Concubine Yuan and must be favored by the emperor. After Concubine Yuan died, Fu Li always They are all raised by queens. Thinking that Concubine Yuan was also her own cousin, Li Caihuang was moved with compassion. She asked Zhao Yuxing to make some snacks that children like to eat, or funny little toys, and she would give Fuli the next day to make him happy.

A few days later, in the imperial garden, Li Caihuang gave Fuli the dim sum that Zhao Yuxing helped her make. Fuli was very happy to eat, and the queen was very happy. Several people were chatting. Suddenly, Concubine Shu was shocked by “Little Er” and her dog, and she fell directly into the lake. After the diagnosis of Concubine Shu’s condition, Emperor Mu reported to the emperor that Concubine Shu might not be able to give birth in the future.

In Qingning Palace, the emperor heard that Yue Zonglin had returned and immediately summoned him. Yue Zonglin reported that Chahar had been suppressed and the border had returned to calm. Emperor Yongzheng was very happy and directly rewarded Yue Zonglin and Zheli.

Concubine Shu lay in the palace in pain, and Li Caihuang told Zhao Yuxing to send the “Little Er” away as soon as possible, so that Concubine Shu would not be angry with it when she recovered. The emperor asked the queen what happened to Concubine Shu’s fall that day. The queen deliberately said that Concubine Shu’s own dog arrogantly ran into Concubine Shu and had nothing to do with the dog raised by Qiqi.

It was raining. Zhao Yuxing ran into Yue Zonglin in the palace. The two of them sat together under the pavilion to hide from the rain. Yue Zonglin took out the dog leash that he bought at the market during the day and gave it to Zhao Yuxing. A bottle of perfume. Zhao Yuxing was a little embarrassed when he received a gift from a man for the first time. He was about to refuse, and when he saw that Yue Conglin was about to throw away the fragrance, he quickly accepted it. Yan Huanyue saw them talking and laughing in the dark, burning with jealousy in her heart.

In the middle of the night, Yue Conglin sat on the roof and looked at the short knife in his hand. This short knife was once given to him by his righteous sister, and now his behavior has become more and more indulgent. He closed the short knife angrily and watched. Seeing that Sister Yi has done so many bad things, don’t worry about Sister Yi.

Concubine Shu dreamed that Zhao Yuxing personally killed her son. After waking up from the dream, Concubine Shu gritted her teeth bitterly at Zhao Yuxing. Five years ago, she killed Zhao Yuxing’s family. Now if she doesn’t cut the grass and roots, I am afraid that the future will be difficult.

Recently, the empress dowager was in a state of insecurity. Li Caihuang immediately suggested that the imperial dining room should make a few desserts, or to adjust her mood. The empress immediately ordered that she wanted to drink the “ice and fire” wine and cakes. Zhao Yuxing received the order and immediately racked his brains with Li Caihuang to innovate dishes. Several people were very busy in the imperial dining room. Yan Huanyue rushed in and said that Concubine Shu had ordered Zhao Yuxing to cook some dishes. Zhao Yuxing didn’t buy it at all. They had already accepted the Queen Mother’s persistence and could not spare time to cook for other masters.

Li Caihuang suggested that Zhao Yuxing make some cakes and draw some places on the cakes where the empress dowager used to travel with the first emperor. When people gave the big cake hand-painted by Li Caihuang to the empress dowager, the empress gave Li Caihuang a taste. He and Zhao Yuxing were full of praise, and immediately rewarded them both.

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