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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 7 Recap

Li Caihuang was carried to the emperor’s bedroom. It was the first time that Li Caihuang had come into contact with the emperor so close. The emperor stroked her hair and comforted her that he would treat her well in the future. Finally, on this day Li Caihuang completely became the concubine of Yongzheng.

Lin Lin was clicked on the acupuncture point, standing next to the well, unable to move, the palace staff saw something unusual, and immediately called Lin Lin, but in the end they saw her jumped into the well and committed suicide. In fact, a masked person pushed Lin Lin behind with a hidden weapon. A handful. Knowing that Lin Lin died, Yan Huanyue felt a panic in her heart. Li Er, who succeeded Lin Lin’s position, was very good at coming. Just when she came to the Imperial Kitchen to take a job, she generously gave Yan Huanyue a pair of jade earrings to buy people’s hearts. Soon Yan Huanyue regarded her as “herself.”

In the early morning of the next day, Yongzheng held the sachet to confront Concubine Shu , and Concubine Shu immediately pushed the matter to Lin Lin, saying that Lin Lin usually had dirty hands and feet, and she must have stole the sachet quietly. Because Lin Lin had already committed suicide by “falling in the well” and naturally died, there was no way to investigate this matter.

Yue Conglin quietly reminded Zhao Yuxing that this matter must not be mentioned again in the future. Linlin just jumped into a well and committed suicide. There must be a strong force behind him, and he must be more cautious in doing things in the future.

Concubine Shu heard that Zhao Yuxing, who was beside Li Caihuang, was also very good, and she was promoted to a long-term position in a short time. She was very curious, and asked Hong’er to go to the imperial dining room to inform that she would go to the imperial dining room to order food in person. Zhao Yuxing knows the tricks of Concubine Shu, so she racked her brains to study the cuisine and ingredients just in case. Li Er knows that Yan Huanyue hates Zhao Yuxing. In order to vent her anger, she volunteered to let Yan Huanyue arrange for her to buy ingredients with Zhao Yuxing. She promised that Zhao Yuxing would not be able to buy all the ingredients. Yan Huanyue was very happy and agreed immediately. Let her go.

One day, Zhao Yuxing was reading a book by the river, and suddenly saw Yue Conglin leading a group of guards in the morning exercise. Seeing their sturdy figures, they were so hot that they were so hot that Zhao Yuxing bluffed back and almost fell into the river. Fortunately, Yue Zonglin rescued him in time. Yue Conglin took Zhao Yuxing to his home and provided dry clothes and hot ginger soup. He was a bit embarrassed after receiving Yue Conglin’s help several times.

Suddenly heard a few dog barks coming from Yue Zonglin’s house, and seeing that the little white dog Yue Zonglin took in was lost when he fled, Zhao Yuxing was so happy that he was crazy, his mouth was “son” and “son”. Shouting, Zhao Yuxing wanted to keep “Little Er” by his side very much, but the servants were not allowed to raise dogs in the palace, so Zhao Yuxing had to temporarily place “Little Er” at Yue Zonglin’s house.

Suddenly thinking that he was going to buy ingredients today, Zhao Yuxing took “Little Er” and Yue Conglin to the market together. Li Er kept following them secretly, and seeing that Zhao Yuxing was very close to a little flower dog, he secretly carried “Little Er” away.

Zhao Yuxing went back to the imperial dining room dejectedly, opened the door, but saw “Xiao Er” standing on the table in her room intact. Zhao Yuxing was just silly and happy, not knowing that this was a deliberate trick by Li Er. After receiving news from Li Er, Yan Huanyue deliberately came to Zhao Yuxing’s room to catch the dog and her.

Faced with Yan Huanyue’s harassment, Zhao Yuxing immediately said alertly that he was the dog raised for Concubine Qiqi. Yan Huanyue didn’t agree at all, and even courted Deputy Chief Ding for the crime of making Zhao Yuxing. Outside the wall, when Yue Conglin was inspecting the safety of the palace, he heard a dispute about the imperial dining room. He ran to see Li Caihuang. Li Caihuang knew the seriousness of the matter and immediately went to the imperial dining room with Yue Conglin.

Yan Huanyue, Li Er and Ding Vice President punished Zhao Yuxing severely. They never thought that the three of them were not Zhao Yuxing’s opponents. Li Er was beaten by Zhao Yuxing and collapsed to the ground, repeatedly screaming for stomach pain. Li Caihuang and Yue Conglin arrived in time. Yan Huanyue wanted to sue severely, but Li Caihuang was already prepared. She deliberately said that she let Zhao Yuxing help her raise the dog temporarily. Li Er and Ding Fubao finally knew the patron behind Zhao Yuxing, and quickly knelt on the ground begging for mercy.

Li Caihuang took Zhao Yuxing to her bedroom to receive the reward, and there was no one around. Li Caihuang advised her to be on guard everywhere in the future. Everyone in the palace is hard-hearted, not everyone is as kind as Zhao Yuxing. Knowing that Yue Zonglin had been guarding outside the palace, Li Caihuang immediately pushed her back and hinted that Zhao Yuxing wanted to cherish Yue Zonglin.

Zhao Yuxing wandered around the Taiyuan Hospital many times but did not find the Liuyuan judge. She thought that she might as well try to get an official, or she might have a chance to enter the Taiyuan Hospital in the future. Yan Huanyue was appointed by Deputy Director Ding to deliver food to Yue Zonglin. With this beauty, Yan Huanyue, who had a crush on Yue Zonglin, hurried back and drew a lot of heavy makeup. Two small faces were painted like peaches. .

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