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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 6 Recap

Hagi is about to Shi Qin Qi Shu Fei Zhao Yu-xing promoted to the royal kitchens commitment should be long

Yue Zonglin hurriedly pursued the murderer who assassinated the concubine Wuya, but the murderer went into Lu’er’s room and told her to pretend to be herself and confess her guilt. Lu’er was stabbed to death by the people of Ma Futa. In a panic, the murderer escaped. Zhao Yuxing bluntly said that the murderer must be someone else, and said one by one the doubts. Hearing this, the emperor was very pleased. Although Zhao Yuxing’s method did not catch the murderer, he also returned the innocence of Qiqi concubine and ordered Zhao Yuxing to be connected. After being promoted two levels, Zhao Yuxing became the head of the imperial kitchen.

In the cell, Concubine Qiqi dreamed of Wang Yiwei and called him loudly. At this time, Zhao Yuxing came to her, comforted her to live well, and took her out.

After being imprisoned, Concubine Hagi vowed that she would never be bullied again and would stay upright in the palace. In the imperial dining room, everyone was doing morning exercises, and Yue Zonglin came over to take Zhao Yuxing away. Yue Zonglin told Zhao Yuxing that Lu’er was not a murderer, and upon hearing this, Zhao Yuxing told him to pay attention to Ma Futa. Yue Conglin teased whether she was worried about herself, Zhao Yuxing denied it immediately and left shyly. Concubine Hagiqi came to the emperor to express her gratitude to the emperor. The emperor personally fed her the ginseng soup, and the concubine Hagi was so moved that she cried and explained that she could not reciprocate. Hearing this, the emperor only said that he only wanted to be good to her, and did not need to return.

In the Hall of Han Lu, the concubine Qiqi sent someone to call Yan Huanyue and Zheng Linlin to serve her, deliberately torturing them, let them go to the bucket, and punished them to slap each other for disrespect for themselves.

In the imperial dining room, the deputy head of the blisters was calling names, and Yan Huanyue and Zheng Linlin came back crying. Seeing Zhao Yuxing wearing long clothes, Yan Huanyue angrily accused her of dressing indiscriminately, and bluntly said that he would teach her. Between the two of them, Zhao Yuxing pushed her to the ground. At this time, Wen Naichang appeared and told the person in the Imperial Kitchen about Zhao Yuxing’s promotion to the position of the leader.

Yue Zonglin came to Zhao Yuxing and told Zhao Yuxing that the murderer was Concubine Shu . Manager Li came to deliver medicated meals to Concubine Shu, and told Concubine Shu that the emperor had turned over the sign of Concubine Qiqi, and Concubine Shu was very angry. At this time, the concubine Hagiqi burned the paper and cried, bluntly saying that she was going to be the emperor, and cried and apologized to Wang Yiwei. In the evening, the emperor sent someone to tell the concubine Hagi about the precautions for the first bed attendance, and helped her take a bath and change clothes.

Just when the emperor was about to go to bed, Concubine Shu called the emperor away on the grounds that she was unwell. Yue Zonglin hurried over to eat between the two of them, and bluntly said that the case of Concubine Wuya had made significant progress. Hearing this, the emperor hurriedly left. . Yue Conglin took the sachet dropped by the murderer to the emperor. The emperor opened the sachet and found that it was Concubine Shu’s inside, surprised.

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