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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 4 Recap

Concubine Shu framed Zhao Yuxing and Qiqi concubine, but Zhao Yuxing acted like a baby to Yue Zonglin

The rebels used the Tiaohu Lishan tactic to lead Yuexonglin away in an attempt to assassinate the emperor . At this time the queen was playing the piano for the emperor. When the rebels came over, the queen was terrified. The emperor only told her to continue playing the piano. At this time, Yue Zonglin rushed back and killed all the rebels. The fainted Caihuang dreamed that Wang Yiwei disappeared in front of her eyes and woke up, feeling deeply sad. Zhao Yuxing was very happy when she saw her wake up, and comforted her to relax.

Concubine Shu’s maid, Hong’er, told Concubine Wen to make soup for the concubine Shu. Although Concubine Wen was unwilling, she could not refuse, so she had to boil the soup for her and deliver it to Concubine Shu herself. Concubine Shu gave her a great reward.

On the other side, Zhao Yuxing was chatting with Caihuang. At this time, Yan Huanyue pretended to apologize to Concubine Hagi with the cake, but actually put the dried chrysanthemum in her room according to the instructions of Concubine Shu, in an attempt to frame her. In the imperial dining room, Chief Ma was taken away by Ma commander for poisoning Concubine Shu, and tortured him severely. Wen Naichang bluntly said that he had never let go of the dried chrysanthemum. Hearing this, Ma Commander asked if anyone else had touched the bowl of soup. Wen Naichang had to tell Zhao Yuxing and Zhou Yan’er.

Ma Tong led people to search Zhao Yuxing’s room and found the dried chrysanthemum that Yan Huanyue had stolen here before, and took Zhao Yuxing and concubine Qiqi away and locked them in prison. At this time, Wang Yiwei of Fuling was flustered, but he didn’t expect an accident in Caihuang.

Knowing that Zhao Yuxing and Concubine Hagi were imprisoned, the emperor immediately sent Yue Zonglin back to the palace to deal with the matter. In the cell, when Commander Ma wanted to tortured Zhao Yuxing and Concubine Qiqi, Yue Conglin appeared in time and showed the emperor’s gold medal, saying that no one can harm the emperor. Everything will wait for the emperor to return. Decide personally. Yue Zonglin asked Zhao Yuxing and Concubine Qiqi about what happened. Zhao Yuxing told him the whole story and said that they were wronged.

The emperor, who hurried back, asked Concubine Shu about what happened. Concubine Shu was vague. Upon hearing this, the emperor bluntly stated that he would try the case again. Yue Zonglin told the emperor that the dried chrysanthemums in Shu Fei’s tonic soup were put in by others, and that this superior chrysanthemum was only owned by the empresses of the palaces, and Zhao Yuxing and Qi Qi had not come into contact with these chrysanthemums. Hearing this, Concubine Shu was flustered and said that the matter finally became clear, but the emperor insisted on investigating the matter.

Zhao Yuxing and Concubine Hanqi were released from prison by the emperor and resumed their positions. Looking at the palace of Nuo Da, Zhao Yuxing and Concubine Qiqi were surprised. Concubine Qiqi bluntly said that they were afraid of the emperor looking for her own bed. Zhao Yuxing gave her an idea. In the chat room between the two, Father Miao came to concubine Qiqi. Zhao Yuxing had to leave. After Zhao Yuxing came out, he met Yue Zonglin who was practicing martial arts. Seeing the sword immediately pierced Zhao Yuxing, Yue Zonglin hugged him. Zhao Yuxing deliberately acted like a baby, and wanted to have a good relationship with him so as to send Caihuang out of the palace.

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