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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 3 Recap

Concubine Hagi was stunned by Yan Huanyue and Waha was sent to assassinate the emperor

Zhao Yuxing quarreled with Yan Huanyue again. Yan Huanyue sent her to wash the bowls. Zhao Yuxing encountered Caihuang who was carrying the dishes. Caihuang saw Zhao Yuxing and hugged him hurriedly. Facing Zhao Yuxing’s inquiry, Caihuang burst into tears. Caihuang told Zhao Yuxing of everything that had happened to him, and Zhao Yuxing was distressed.

Cai Huang was very sad to learn that his father was stabbed to death by the rebels. The emperor and queen were assassinated by rebels on their way to the Daqing Temple. Fortunately, the emperor and queen were not injured when they escorted them in time. In the evening, Zhao Yuxing heard Yan Huanyue discussing how to torture Concubine Qiqi, so he hurried to find Caihuang and took her away.

Knowing that Concubine Hagi had escaped from the imperial dining room, Concubine Shu sent someone to find her and let people look at the palace gate. Zhao Yuxing and Caihuang hid in the tree. Unexpectedly, Caihuang accidentally dropped the leaves on the ground. Just when the two of them were about to be found, Ma Futa sent someone to call the leader away. Zhao Yuxing and Caihuang escaped. Robbery. Zhao Yuxing and Caihuang met Li Gonggong on the way to escape. Zhao Yuxing scared Li Gonggong to kneel to beg for mercy, and attracted a large number of servants. He was very angry when he learned that they were from the imperial dining room and took them to Concubine Shu. .

Knowing that Concubine Hagi was sent to the imperial dining room to do miscellaneous work, Concubine Li was puzzled, and Concubine Shu explained that Concubine Hagi had broken the bracelet rewarded by the emperor. Faced with Concubine Shu’s false concern, Zhao Yuxing bluntly confessed that someone had killed them, and denied that the two had fled. The palace was too big and the two were lost. Hearing this, Concubine Shu had no choice but to spare the two of them, confessing that she would find out, and sent Hong’er to send them back to the imperial dining room.

In the imperial dining room, Yan Huanyue locked Zhao Yuxing and Concubine Hagi in the thatched house, holding a stick, and wanted to lynch, but Zhao Yuxing was not afraid of her, and the two of them scuffled together, Concubine Hagi helped Zhao Yuxing beat Yan Huan. At Yueshi, she was pushed to the ground by Yan Huanyue and fainted. When Zhao Yuxing saw Caihuang who had fainted, he was very angry. He wrapped Yan Huanyue’s head with a basket and beat her hard.

Outside the palace, when the queen was playing the piano for the emperor, the emperor bluntly said that he had thought of Concubine Yuan. During the chat, Yue Conglin told the emperor that Waha wanted to plant the crime of assassinating the emperor to Chahar. Hearing this, the emperor bluntly wanted Use Jiang Taigong fishing as a way to win this battle. The next day, Wen Weichang learned that Concubine Qiqi was knocked out by Yan Huanyue, so he hurriedly sent for an imperial physician. Zhao Yuxing was surprised when he learned that the concubine Hagiqi’s concubine was the Liu Yuan judge that his godfather asked him to find.

Concubine Shu doubted Zhao Yuxing’s life experience, so she sent someone to investigate Zhao Yuxing. Knowing that Concubine Hagi was seriously injured by Huanyue, Concubine Shu was extremely happy, but on the surface she taught Yan Huanyue severely and wanted to plant all his sins on Yan Huanyue.

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