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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 2 Recap

Cai Huang Shu Qi has been called Hagi Fei Zhao Yu-xing successfully admitted to the royal kitchens

Zhao Yuxing had no money to eat in the restaurant. Yue Zonglin paid for her. During the chat, Zhao Yuxing begged him to send herself into the palace. Zhao Yuxing was very happy to learn that the imperial dining room was recruiting people. In the palace, Caihuang wanted to leave a bad impression on the emperor . Unexpectedly, because he looked like the deceased Yuan concubine, he was directly named Qiqi concubine by the emperor, and Caihuang was deeply disappointed. After changing the clothes and shoes in the palace, Caihuang felt unwell. At this time, the emperor sent someone to deliver the reward, but Caihuang refused to fail, so she had to thank her. The emperor came to see Caihuang, no matter how foolish Caihuang was, the emperor was not angry, and praised her for her cuteness.

When Yue Zonglin was practicing swordsmanship, the puppy he had picked up ran over to look for him. It turned out that this puppy was the one lost before Zhao Yuxing’s house. Knowing that Yue Conglin had released Zhao Yuxing, General Yue asked Yue Zonglin angrily. Yue Zonglin only said that he did not want the Yue family to kill people indiscriminately and defile the ancestral hall. Yue Conglin asked his father why General Zheli didn’t let General Zhao’s family go, and helped Zhao Yuxing intercede. Hearing this, General Yue had to let Zhao Yuxing go and released news that Zhao’s orphan girl had died in the war.

In the palace, the emperor summoned Yue Conglin and other ministers to discuss the Chahar’s rebellion against the imperial court. Hearing about Yue Conglin’s method, the emperor was very pleased and called Yue Conglin more mature and promoted him. . Zhao Yuxing entered the palace smoothly. When strolling around, he smelled the medicinal materials, and then quietly jumped into the courtyard. Yue Zonglin saw this scene, and Yue Zonglin hurriedly caught him. Hearing someone walking outside the house, Yue Zonglin hurried away with Zhao Yuxing.

Concubine Shu came to see her elder brother, General Zheli, and told him about the precautions for leading troops to fight. Hearing this, the emperor was very pleased. When the two were watching the tribute of Turpan’s offensive, Concubine Shu secretly inquired about the concubine Qiqi and proposed to give the bracelet to the concubine Qiqi. The emperor agreed.

The emperor proposed to take Concubine Shu to the temple for repairs, but Concubine Shu rejected the emperor’s proposal on the grounds of praying for blessings. On the way to give the bracelet to the concubine Qiqi, the manager Li, who was next to the emperor, met the concubine Shu’s maid Hong’er. Hong’er proposed to send the bracelet over for him, bluntly saying that Concubine Shu wanted to see Concubine Qiqi. Hearing this, Manager Li had no choice but to agree.

Concubine Shu called Concubine Qiqi over, ostensibly cared about her, praised her, and bluntly said that she came up to give her bracelets on behalf of the emperor. Just when Concubine Qiqi reached out to receive the bracelet, Concubine Shu deliberately threw it on the ground. And together with Hong’er, lay the matter on the concubine Hagi. Although Concubine Hagi was aggrieved, she could only accept punishment, so she agreed to go to the imperial dining room to do miscellaneous affairs.

In the imperial dining room, Zhao Yuxing and Yan Huanyue had a dispute, and the two fought, but this episode did not affect Zhao Yuxing’s victory. Concubine Shu confessed to the people in the imperial dining room to “serve” Concubine Qiqi, and Yan Huanyue was mainly responsible for making things difficult for Concubine Qiqi.

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