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Love Story of Court Enemies 那江烟花那江雨 Episode 1 Recap

Yue Zonglin secretly helped Zhao Yuxing Caihuang to enter the palace for Hagi to participate in the draft

Zhao Yuxing dreamed of the scene where his parents were killed five years ago. He woke up from the dream and vowed to avenge his parents. The next day, Zhao Yuxing, who went up the mountain to collect medicine, met Yue Conglin who was hunting on the mountain. Zonglin helped catch the snake who wanted to harm Zhao Yuxing and took the opportunity to laugh at Yuxing. On the way down the mountain, Zhao Yuxing met Yue Zonglin again. At this time, Yue Zonglin was taking a bath. Zhao Yuxing was teasing and wanted to take away the clothes Yue Zonglin hung on the tree. He took the opportunity to watch him take a shower. Yue Zonglin discovered.

Yue Zonglin photographed the Yuxing on the tree with water, and seeing Zhao Yuxing about to fall into the river, Yue Zonglin immediately caught her. The two people who met again ended the conversation with another dispute. At night, the rebels blocked Yue Zonglin on the road and wanted to kill Yue Zonglin, but Yue Zonglin had a higher martial arts ability and killed them all. In the palace at this time, the queen mother and concubines were watching the marching dance on the grassland arranged by the concubine Shu .

When Zhao Yuxing came back from picking the medicine , Caihuang just finished her dressing up and was about to go to see Wang Yiwei . Zhao Yuxing could help to see if her makeup was suitable. Zhao Yuxing took the opportunity to tease her. When the two went to see Wang Yiwei, Wang Yiwei told Caihuang that he had been ordered to go to Fuling to burn the pottery figurines for the first emperor, and gave her the Sihuang Pei. After he came back, he would marry her. Caihuang was very excited. .

As a remembrance, Caihuang gave the jade pendant left by his mother to Wang Yiwei. Wang Yiwei was so touched that he wanted to kiss Caihuang. When the two of them posed and finally kissed, Zhao Yuxing came to call Caihuang to go home. Before leaving, Caihuang kissed Wang Yiwei on the cheek, both of them were shy.

Zhao Yuxing and Caihuang met their godfather and a group of people on their way home. They learned that the rebels had killed them. Zhao Yuxing and Caihuang followed their godfather and fled. Unexpectedly, the godfather was killed in order to protect them and was in chaos. , Zhao Yuxing and Caihuang also separated. In the Yue Mansion at this time, General Yue concealed Yue Conglin and sent people to investigate the whereabouts of the orphan Zhao family, hoping to kill her.

Just when Zhao Yuxing was about to be stabbed to death, Yue Zonglin rescued her and drove away the people sent by his father. When administering medicine to Zhao Yuxing, Yue Conglin remembered the bit by bit that happened before the two of them, and was moved in his heart. When he sensed that Zhao Yuxing was about to wake up, Yue Zonglin hurriedly hid and hid on the mountain watching Zhao Yuxing leave.

Caihuang walked on the street alone, and couldn’t be spotted by two men. They wanted to rape Caihuang. Caihuang resisted desperately and called for help. At this time, Lord Zhai appeared, rescued him, and brought him back to the house. Facing Master Zhai’s question, Caihuang told him that his home was attacked by the rebels. Hearing this, Lord Zhai bluntly stated that Caihuang is about the same age as his daughter. It turned out that Lord Zhai’s daughter Qiqi was called to enter the palace draft. Qiqi was unwilling, and secretly eloped with her sweetheart. Master Zhai went to the street to find her daughter, but he did not expect to save Caihuang by mistake. When Zhao Yuxing was inquiring about Caihuang’s whereabouts on the street, a beggar wanted to grab the money from her, and Yue Conglin scared them away.

When Lord Zhai was chatting with Caihuang, the emperor sent someone to pick Qi Qi into the palace, and Lord Zhai was anxious. Seeing that Lord Zhai was about to be taken away for the crime of deceiving the emperor, Cai Huang hurriedly stopped, bluntly saying that he was Hagi. Before entering the palace, Lord Zhai told Caihuang about Hagi’s preferences and other related information. Zhao Yuxing saw the carriage that Caihuang entered the palace and was puzzled when he learned that Caihuang was about to enter the palace to participate in the draft. In the palace at this time, the emperor dreamed of the Golden Dragon again, woke up, and then went to the Royal Medicine Spring.

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