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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 22 Recap

On the night of the wedding, the three men were in their respective health conditions. Li Nezha refused to marry in public, and resisted with force, which made the queen lose face, and finally ordered him to be put in jail, and asked to be cut off at noon the next day; Duan Wuzhuo couldn’t do it. Soft tricks, deliberately drunk wild chrysanthemums, trying to escape to no avail, but trapped in the room; only Feng Xiaoge succumbed to the peacock’s lust, and massaged her all night to relieve her pressure, resulting in black eyes and body overdraft.

Fortunately, the peacock and Feng Xiaoge get along more harmoniously, and they also love him. Although they are not guarded strictly, they are also equipped with transparent fetters, which can let Feng Xiaoge walk around and relax, but can not easily get rid of the restraints.

After the peacock left, Feng Xiaoge accidentally learned through the peacock log that Po Suo Island was originally simple and normal. The reason for the earth-shaking changes was due to the Queen’s Sacred Fire. Since she came here with Peacock and Ye Ju. The man fell into the temptation one after another, and showed all kinds of ugliness in front of his wives.

Shenhuo took the opportunity to respect women’s rights, took control of Po Suo Island, and was named the queen in the support of everyone, and renamed Shenhuo Kingdom. Because there is a mysterious forbidden area hidden in Shenhuo, the priestess Peacock discovers this power and uses the five elements to use the special divine power of the forbidden area to set up a pentagram to imprison all special powers, so Nezha and others will lose Mana, trapped here.

Feng Xiaoge followed the food delivery soldiers and successfully found the little dragon girl, explaining in detail what happened. The little dragon girl heard that Nezha was about to ask to cut her, so she had to pretend to submit to the Kingdom of God and Fire, and then ask the queen to ask Nezha to be her husband and save her life. Ye Ju refused to accept the Queen’s courtesy to outsiders, and said that the Little Dragon Girl had no merit and was not worthy of this favor.

However, Peacock had long been tired of Ye Ju and directly spoke to defend the Little Dragon Girl until the Queen asked them to step back, hoping that the Little Dragon Girl would make contributions as soon as possible. , To show loyalty, when there is no scruples, you can restore all the mana of the dragon girl.

However, merit is easy to say and hard to make, and it is even harder to get the queen’s trust. Nezha found out that the peacock was fighting with Ye Ju, and married Feng Xiaoge and Duan Wuzhuo respectively, so he proposed to let them provoke the separation between the two of them, and when they were in the den of Shenhuo, they could take the opportunity to leave.

Peacock found that Feng Xiaoge and Xiaolongnv were walking frequently, so he was so angry that he took Feng Xiaoge away, and went back to the room for a lesson. But when he saw Feng Xiaoge’s grievances, he couldn’t help but soften his heart. After repeated pleading, he simply solved it. Fetters. Duan Wuzhuo’s attitude towards Ye Ju was still neither lukewarm nor cold, and Ye Ju was not annoyed at all, but instead ordered him to go to the kitchen to prepare meals.

Duan Wuzhuo wanted to drive away, but unexpectedly ran into Feng Xiaoge and Nezha. The three met again, and they were pleasantly surprised. It was a good time to relive the past. Unexpectedly, the fire dragon envoy came out of the kitchen and turned into a male chef. Nezha and others laughed.

The fire dragon became angry and furious, hitting Feng Xiaoge and Duan Wuzhuo one after another. The two went back with their black faces, and they kept covering up, but still couldn’t hide it. The wife’s husband was eager and took their husbands to the dining room. Originally, the director of the dining room was still teaching the fire dragon. It can be seen that the peacock and the wild chrysanthemum rushed in angrily, and their momentum instantly weakened.

Ye Ju said harshly, meaning that Feng Xiaoge had harmed his own man, but was ridiculed by peacocks, claiming that Duan Wuzhuo’s appearance was not as good as Feng Xiaoge, but it was like Ye Ju turned black and white. The two pointed their needles to the Maimang, and they couldn’t talk about each other. When it was difficult to separate up and down, they suddenly thought of the fire dragon messenger, and then pointed the spear at the fire dragon, making it impossible to quibble.

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