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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 6 Recap

In fact, Gu Weiliang’s marriage is a guise. The real purpose is to see the person mentioned in the letter. This is why Wang Meiren told Guo Deyou before that she wanted to sing a play and fake marriage. After leaving Xiao Lanlan, Ding Mao went to the appointed Japanese restaurant to see Rong Aoshuang. After going there, he saw no one. Instead, he found a small ceramic pot on the dining table. When he opened the wooden door, he saw himself exactly the same.

Ding Mao panicked and wondered what was going on. He was about to return to reality when he was trying to understand, and saw Rong Aoshuang sitting at the dining table. It was Rong Aoshuang who used the silver bell seal again, which made Ding Mao produce the illusion. Ding Mao was angry that Rong Aoshuang used a silver bell seal on himself without permission. Rong Aoshuang explained that what he had just seen were memories and thoughts deeper in his brain.

Dingmao was worried that Gu Weiliang’s case had no progress. Please ask Rong Aoshuang to use a silver bell seal on himself again. Rong Aoshuang did not agree. In order to help Fan Junyao to play cards with the tycoon boss, Guo Deyou asked Fan Junyao to send the money to their house in a few days. Please don’t embarrass Fan Junyao. Those who had the money to accept it naturally agreed, but Fan Junyao panicked, but he had no money, and gave Guo Deyou a glimpse in private.

Guo Deyou learned that the police station had solved the case, and the murderer was Wang Meiren, who had already been locked in the police station. Guo Deyou knew that the murderer was not her, and immediately went to the police station. This case was supervised by Deputy Captain Zheng, and he felt that Wang Meiren was the murderer. Since the deputy captain Zheng came, the life of captain Fu has been difficult, the two often pinch. Although Deputy Captain Zheng is a deputy, he is a popular person in front of the Governor, and he always holds the Governor to suppress the leader.

Captain Fu secretly took Guo Deyou to the Gu family site for investigation, and Gu Ying also followed. Deputy Captain Zheng suddenly came to the scene, dissatisfied with Captain Fu, who crossed over and did not take himself seriously. Guo Deyou looked for a small box from a box, and the three of them sang the harmony with Vice Captain Zheng, and drove the small box out without letting Deputy Captain Zheng find out.

Ding Mao went to the river channel to inspect, and the work of straightening and straightening was proceeding in an orderly manner, but in order to ensure sufficient water flow, it was necessary to choose between a women’s college and the Dragon King Temple, and both of them had to be demolished. Ding Mao appreciated Fan Junyao’s talents and asked him to design a xenon lamp for the engineering team. The compensation was very good, but Fan Junyao wanted to set up a chemical fertilizer factory to save the country.

Ding Mao was moved by his words and took him to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce to help him solve the problems of the fertilizer plant. The old lady really took the marriage seriously, invited a group of brothers from the corpse team to drink, and also prepared a man and a woman’s hi doll. Guo Deyou didn’t show up or let Gu Ying put on the red wedding dress, stunned to give the marriage Arranged.

Ding Mao brought the newly-weds to visit Guo Deyou, gave him a bunch of keys, and gave him a house as a wedding room. In fact, Ding Mao has already made a choice. There are hundreds of students in the girls’ school, which is also an ancient building. The Dragon King Temple is already dilapidated. So Ding Mao gave away a suite, and Guo Deyou didn’t do it as soon as he heard about demolishing the Dragon King Temple. He quarreled with Ding Mao, threw the key to Ding Mao, and blasted him out.

Deputy Captain Zheng gave the safe that was searched from Gu Weiliang to Du Du, but it was all white paper with no words. Du Du said that either Gu Weiliang sang the empty city plan or was stolen and replaced. Vice Captain Zheng was terrified and immediately showed his loyalty. The Governor explained to Deputy Captain Zheng, keeping an eye on Guo Deyou and others. The corpse fishing team heard that Ding Mao was about to demolish the Dragon King Temple, and pretended to sneak into the water to frighten the construction teams.

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