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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 5 Recap

Fan Junyao came to Guo Deyou and asked Guo Deyou for help, borrowing his fame to promote his new fertilizer plant, so that people can believe that the fertilizer made by his plant is not poisonous water to burn the land, and to send away those troublesome land ruff. Guo Deyou and Fan Junyao were unfamiliar and empty-mouthed, and he couldn’t believe that the dishes cultivated by Fan Junyao were all right and would not help.

The river was sealed, and the corpse fishing team didn’t do any work. Guo Deyou had nothing to do at home. Gu Ying prepared to pay for the door to let Guo Deyou go to Zhouji Xiangyoupu as a helper. . The old lady was angry that Gu Ying posted on Guo Deyou and had a quarrel with Gu Ying. She also asked Gu Ying to ask Guo Deyou to discuss the marriage. She wanted to see if he would dare to come.

Guo Deyou really came. The old lady had a bunch of salutes as soon as she opened her mouth, and she had to go to the restaurant to set up twenty tables. Guo Deyou vomits that the old lady is a big lion. Although he likes Gu Ying, he says that he is married when he is married. In order to force Guo Deyou, the old lady directly announced the marriage, so that the whole Tianjin Wei knew that Guo Deyou and Gu Ying were going to be married, but Guo Deyou was choking.

Miss Wang came to Guo Deyou and brought the restaurant’s signature dishes, and the two chatted while eating. Miss Wang has stopped making movies, saying that she will sing a play recently and gave Guo Deyou a ticket, which is actually a wedding invitation, and she is getting married. The groom’s official is the new diplomat Gu Weiliang. The overseas background is not simple. Miss Wang told Guo Deyou that she suspected that Gu Weiliang was Gu Ying’s father.

Gu Weiliang had a daughter when he was in Tianjin Wei 20 years ago, and was taken captive when she was born. Miss Wang asked Guo Deyou to ask Gu Ying to see what identity items she had, because the old lady was named Zhang, she Why surnamed Gu, how can it not be doubted. Guo Deyou took Gu Ying to the wedding reception. Guo Deyou always wanted to ask Gu Ying tentatively, but he was interrupted every time.

Gu Ying tuned that Gu Weiliang was so old that he could be Wang Meiren’s father. Guo Deyou took the opportunity to jokingly say that they were all Gu, maybe they were really fathers, so Gu Ying went up to climb relatives. Gu Ying did not take Guo Deyou’s words seriously. When the wedding was going on, Gu Weiliang suddenly spontaneously burned to death.

The old lady came to talk to Old Man Guo to discuss the marriage, and had a dispute with Guo Deyou at dinner. Guo Deyou learned from the old woman’s mouth that he and Gu Ying were both brought back by Old Man Guo. Cleared. Guo Deyou talked about the suspicion that Gu Weiliang was Gu Ying’s father. The old lady was a little surprised, so Guo Deyou didn’t tell Gu Ying first, just doubt it. Is there any certainty?

Ding Mao heard from Rong Aoshuang that Yin Lingfeng could focus on the details in his memory, and wanted to use the case to find out the cause of Gu Weiliang’s death. . Ding Mao did not force it anymore. Guo Deyou and Ding Mao looked at Gu Weiliang’s body. White phosphor remained on it. How did the murderer put it up and how did it spontaneously ignite?

Guo Deyou surveyed the scene and found a crumpled paper ball in Gu Weiliang’s calligraphy trash can, which was quietly hidden in his pants pocket. Gu Weiliang’s family also has some ointments. Guo Deyou asked Fan Junyao to check whether there was a problem. Fan Junyao was engaged in chemistry. Before asking Guo Deyou for help, he was refused this time. He would not help Guo Deyou. In the end, Guo Deyou promised that the fertilizer plant would cover himself, and Fan Junyao said that the ointment was very high in phosphorus.

Guo Deyou took out the ball of paper again, and Fan Junyao put it in a special potion, and the left handwriting slowly appeared.

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