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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 4 Recap

Guo Deyou and Ding Mao went to the theater. Boss Nie performed on the stage. There were many guests. After the show ended, the two went to the backstage to find him. Guo Deyou asked Boss Nie if he wanted to kill his life for infatuation? Of course, boss Nie didn’t admit it, and said that she didn’t know much about Mrs. Cui. Guo Deyou took out the jade finger and the rouge box found by Ding Mao.

In fact, there is no such thing as Mrs. Wang, that is, Mr. Nie’s blindfolded way of acting like a woman. He is Mrs. Wang, whose play name is Nie Xiaoqiu, and his real name is Nie Ping, and Mrs. Cui is a pair of mandarin ducks. The ginseng soup that day was boiled by boss Nie. All three of them drank, but Cui Maniac had stomach ulcers and died of intestinal rot. So far, boss Nie told the truth. He and Mrs. Cui were indeed affectionate. They originally agreed to elope together, but Mrs. Cui did not come.

Boss Nie was angry that Mrs. Cui was not coming, and at the birthday banquet, she saw that Cui Maniac took Mrs. Cui to listen to the play together with her. She felt even more uncomfortable. Guanyin Lian, who is going to take Mrs. Cui and Cui Maniac together, will die. But he didn’t know that Guanyinlian’s toxicity was bloody bones, and only Cui Maniac died.

Nie boss Fu Fa was arrested, and after Mrs. Cui went back, she would hang herself and be stopped by Guo Deyou. Mrs. Cui felt that she had harmed Nie Xiaoqiu. If she didn’t have herself, he would still be famous in the world. In fact, she packed up her luggage that night to go to the appointment and ran with Nie. The killer was facing the boss Nie with a gun.

The killer took Mr. Nie’s life to force Mrs. Cui back, and finally Mrs. Cui had to turn around and leave. Guo Deyou persuaded Mrs. Cui to die better than Lai alive, and Mrs. Cui also wanted to understand that if she really died, I’m sorry to have been abused by Cui Madman all these years. Guo Deyou checked the prescriptions that Cui Lunzi had taken over the years.

Ding Mao went to Xiao Lanlan to take photos. In fact, the two of them didn’t make trouble, and they were acting. Father Xiao died. Because Father Xiao knew that Ao Dan would not let go of himself after taking office, and Dingmao played a scene with Jin Chan unshelled, and finally calculated that Ao Dan invited all his dedication to it. After the fake death, Dingmao pretended to be sincere and won the position of Secretary-General. Xiao Lanlan killed Ding Mao at the conference also to convince Ao Dan to believe in a play.

Guo Deyou took Cui Lunzi’s prescription to find Dingmao. Dingmao looked at aspirin overdose. Cui Lunzi used traditional Chinese and Western medicine, which caused excessive aspirin to cause gastric mucosal bleeding.

The reason why Guo Deyou was able to investigate Cui Madman’s case so quickly was still the master’s compendium of master’s work. Deputy Captain Zheng took Ao Dan’s order and took Nie Xiaoqiu away from the prison, saying that he was going to be detained to the military headquarters, but actually took him to meet Ao Dan. A man in black made a lot of fish to feed the water monster.

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