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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 3 Recap

Father Xiao died, and Fan Junyao returned home to pay his condolences. He is Xiao Lanlan’s cousin. Fan Junyao bought a retired printing machine from abroad, intending to help Xiao Lanlan to create the Jinlan Times. He was full of ambition and told Xiao Lanlan the future of the newspaper industry, but the old machine has not been repaired. Xiao Lanlan was very moved that Fan Junyao spared no effort to help himself.

Dingmao found out that Mrs. Cui and Mrs. Wang had a good relationship. She went to the Wangs to find Mrs. Wang, but there was no one at home. When she left, she saw the shadow of a woman in a trance. Suddenly woke up from bed. It turned out that he was undergoing hypnotic anesthesia. The clips just mentioned were the fragments of the memories of hypnosis. After the treatment, the female doctor asked him to sign and said that the treatment method she used was called Yin Lingfeng, which was a special kind of their Rong tribe. Treatment of pain.

Ding Mao remembered that the jewelry box of Mrs. Wang’s dressing table in the dream was a bit strange, and returned to it, picking up the box and looking closely. Gu Ying came here to help Xiao Lanlan and saw Fan Junyao. He learned that he was Xiao Lanlan’s cousin. Fan Junyao explained that he was not related to Xiao Lanlan. His father was a best friend. Fan Junyao went to Germany to study at the age of twelve. He studied chemistry. He returned to want agriculture to rejuvenate the country, and planned to establish a fertilizer plant.

After many days of maintenance, the machine was finally repaired and running normally. Xiao Lanlan was very happy and announced that the Jinlan Times was officially published. Gu Ying told Xiao Lanlan that there will be big news tomorrow. Tomorrow is the funeral day of Cui Lunzi. If Dingmao can’t find the real murderer, he will have to enter the life coffin to make his death. Xiao Lanlan hated Ding Mao on the surface and didn’t care about his life and death. In fact, he still couldn’t forget his old feelings.

Ding Mao asked Guo Deyou, if he really had an accident tomorrow, he asked him to help himself take care of a person, it was actually Xiao Lanlan. Guo Deyou and Gu Ying went to the ghost market and found boss Lu in Wanbao Building to buy Guanyin Lotus, which is a rare poison. Boss Lu said that he didn’t have Guanyin Lotus in his hand, and Guo Deyou deliberately scared him. He wanted to spread the news, and the people in his life would never let him go.

Boss Lu was frightened and told Guo Deyou and Gu Ying that Guanyin Lian was really gone. A few days ago, she was bought by a lady and offered one or two bids of 500 yuan. Boss Lu refused to confess who the lady was. Guo Deyou and Gu Ying took the objects and poisons from him as if to be intimidated by Mogu Dao. Boss Lu had to take out the finger of the lady who came here.

The three-day deadline has expired. Ding Mao has not yet determined the real murderer. He is willing to enter the coffin, but he is not guilty of it. He is the president of the Caoyun Chamber of Commerce. Ding Mao lay in a coffin covered with thorns, and the second head of the life door let his men carry the coffin into the earth, at this time the fish ran over. The two generations of the Ding family were kind to the fish. He wanted to accompany Ding Mao to die together. He also explained to the men and women that they wouldn’t stay and demand revenge.

Guo Deyou and Gu Ying arrived in time and rescued Dingmao. He also told the life and the second head of the house that the real murderer was already at the police station. Er Dangdang heard the report from his men, and the real murderer was really at the police station. He was willing to plead guilty to lose, take an axe to cut off an arm, and was finally stopped by Ding Mao.

Guo Deyou read Master’s book and knew that Cui Maniac was poisoned by Guanyin Lotus. This thing was usually not poisonous, but when he became bloody, Cui Maniac had stomach ulcers, and eating Guanyin Lotus became a deadly poison. Dead so miserable. Guo Deyou and Gu Ying took the jade finger from boss Lu to find Mrs. Cui, and Mrs. Cui saw it immediately, and then surrendered to the police station the next day.

During the interrogation, Guo Deyou deliberately said that Cui Maniac died of Duanchang San. Mrs. Cui didn’t even know that Guanyin Lian also pleaded guilty, and clearly committed the crime on behalf of others.

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