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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 2 Recap

Cui Lunzi died so strangely. The police blocked the theater. Ding Mao was busy picking a curve and straightening the project, but the engineer responsible for the surveying and mapping of the boundary of his life was missing. This matter. The police quietly blocked the scene, Guo Deyou came to help the police station to solve the case, and the brothers checked Cui Maniac’s death as usual. The person in the life door learned that the boss had an accident, and the second person rushed to the theater with someone.

Guo Deyou was worried that the person in the life door saw Ding Mao. When the time came, he could not tell clearly that he had been misunderstood and dragged him to run from the second floor, but there was also a person in the life door downstairs. The two had to hide back. When the two sides met, the people of the whole life felt that the death of the boss and Ding Mao could not be separated. The two sides fought, and finally the police rushed in and shot them to stop them and stabilized the situation.

The second head of the life door thinks that Ding Mao is the murderer, giving Ding Mao three days to find out the cause of death of the elder brother and catch the murderer, otherwise he and Life Door will never stop. The new deputy captain Zheng of the police station asked Guo Deyou to investigate the case. Guo Deyou lit up a cigarette to identify the injustice, inspected the food that Cui Manzi had eaten before his death, and tasted it with chopsticks.

Ding Mao was worried that the food was poisonous, and would not let Guo Deyou eat it. Captain Fu paid respect to Guo Deyou’s magical powers, and the pestle was beside him respectfully. Ding Mao explained it from the perspective of Western medicine. In fact, the so-called cigarette discrimination is the hypoxia of the brain caused by allergies. Through the hallucination analysis of the case, the scientific name is allergic neurostimulation, and the teammates are not called cigarette discrimination. .

Guo Deyou tasted the dishes on the table one by one without any problem, but the two ginseng soup cups were a bit strange, and the tableware was not a set. I saw that Mrs. Cui had a problem, why she was Shou Xinggong, but she didn’t move any chopsticks. ? Ding Mao disguised as Xiao Si and mixed into Cui Mansion, ready to ask Mrs. Cui for interrogation, Gu Ying is the goddess, please come to Zhang Luo’s funeral. Dingmao found the right time to see Mrs. Cui alone and asked about the birthday banquet. He found that Mrs. Cui had hidden scissors under the pillow to guard against the husband Cui Madman.

Mrs. Cui told Dingmao to see the injuries on her wrists. These were all left by Dr. Cui, who was drunk and beat her. Every month, she was drunk and drunk, and added wicked words to her. The scissors were not for him. But to yourself. In order to help Dingmao go back to ask the teacher’s father, the old man only said that the fate of the wickedness could not be solved, and also let Guo Deyou do nothing about the business.

Ding Mao visited Cui Fu’s maid and went to the theater to inquire, and learned that Boss Nie had taken all the silver in the theater a few days ago. Guo Deyou and Gu Ying sneaked into the theater kitchen to find clues at night, and caught a guy who sneaked in. He owed gambling debts. He heard that the pot that stewed the soup for boss Nie today was gold, so he was tempted to steal and exchange money. Guo Deyou blasted the buddy away.

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