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Tientsin Mystic 2 河神2 Episode 1 Recap

The source of the evil water of Mogu Dao, Guo Deyou struggled to dismantle the bomb and was nearly killed. Although he retrieved a life, even Huaqing was cunning, and he even planted several explosion points. The poisonous water still polluted the river and the sea. The Tianjin Guardian Government closed the river, and Guo Deyou became an ulterior motive, a suspect suspected of contaminating the river with explosives and was cut off by the wanted detaining waiting area. In the prison, Guo Deyou told the prison officer the old story of nine cows, two tigers and a chicken demon. He talked about the flirtatious dance, but the prison officer listened to sleepy, and did not believe Guo Deyou had this ability.

At the time of the explosion, Ding Mao was injured in the leg and his leg became disabled. After he came out, he was not implicated because of his ability to resist demons. He was also appointed by the new governor to replace Xiao Lanlan’s father as the secretary general of Jincheng and became an official. The first thing that Ding Mao took office was to control the pollution of the river channel, and proposed a method of taking a straight curve to blow out the new river channel, but the blasting points set were just on the boundary of the lifetime gate. At the meeting, Ding Mao was refuted openly and sarcastically.

At the conference, Xiao Lanlan even rushed out of the gun to kill Ding Mao, and was uniformed by the guards at the venue. Guo Deyou was sentenced to hang, and Gu Ying was born with a virus antibody in her blood and became the mother of the vaccine. She was the real child of Mogu Dao, dreaming that Guo Deyou was shot and scared from the hospital bed. The doctor calmed Gu Ying and gave her a good rest. After waiting for the last batch of antibody samples to be collected, she could be discharged from the hospital and she would be able to meet Xiaohe God.

Guo Deyou was put on a black mask by the police and was hanged in public. The people cheered. Governor Du and Commander Wu wanted to appease the hearts of the people but were unwilling to spend money to appease the people affected by the river diversion. Dingmao said that the cost of taking the bend and straightening the project and vaccinating the people were all borne by the Chamber of Transportation. Gu Ying and the brothers of the corpse team went to the execution site to consolidate the body of Guo Deyou. They were stopped by the patrol team on the way back, and they were given a vaccination injection, otherwise they would not be allowed to pass.

Tie Niu is Guo Deyou’s good brother. He can’t be used to Dingmao and has a conflict with the cruiser. At this time, the coffin suddenly opened and Guo Deyou even sat up from the coffin. Guo Deyou was hit by the Mogudao virus and would bite when he saw someone. The onlookers were terrified. They thought that Guo Deyou was a river demon and a Mogudao saint. How could he be infected with the virus? Ding Mao saw Guo Deyou mad and quickly took the vaccine and pierced Guo Deyou’s neck and injected him with the vaccine. Guo Deyou quietly fainted.

It turned out that Guo Deyou was sentenced to be hanged to show the people like that. At that time, the hanging rope was made with hands and feet, he was not hanged at all, he was suffocating to death, and the virus was crazy. It was also a play, Gu Ying gave him Putting makeup on his face, and then let Ding Mao take the vaccine to publicly inject, Guo Deyou escaped the crime, and secondly promoted the vaccine. After that, the people all over the city were vaccinated, and no one was infected. The police station pushed the boat to announce that Guo Deyou was not a child of Mogu Dao, revoked the identity of Mo Gudao and restored his innocence.

Cui Lunzi took his wife to listen to the play to celebrate her birthday. During the banquet, he went to the latrine with a stomachache, and tremblingly came out and spit out and fainted. The men stepped forward to help him up, and the result was terrified. Cui Lunzi ‘S legs broke from half of his waist.

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