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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 21 Recap

Everything was done, Feng Xiaoge’s disappearance became a mystery, Nezha and others searched to no avail, plus the memory basin was tragically destroyed, they simply decided to return to the empty island to explain the situation. However, the immortal turtle completely restored her memory. The little dragon girl explained the death of the four seas and hoped that she could truthfully inform the whereabouts of the silver water token.

However, the immortal turtle deliberately pretended to be crazy and behaved stupidly. Nezha wanted the theory and was blocked. So he frankly said that the immortal turtles had already divined hexagrams and reminded them that as long as they go all the way north and see the sacred fire, they will naturally start a fire.

The water elves have been reluctant to confess the spell for a long time. Princess Snake Ji went to check and found that the water elves had passed out. Thinking of the demon emperor’s anger before, she was worried about how to cast the token spell. The ugly prime minister suddenly had a plan and suggested to lure the water elves.

Snake Ji ordered everyone to properly place the water elves in the sleeping hall, and then prepare delicious food, as well as gorgeous clothes and accessories in the hall, hoping that she could use it for herself. However, after the water elf woke up, even if he was hungry, when he saw Yu Ji appeared, he immediately remembered all the past, even if the other party was so kind to persuade him, he was still unmoved, especially in the face of the various flattering of the snake, even more sneered. , Expressed her heartfelt publicity in public, claiming that she would never sell her for glory, and warned her to dispel her thoughts.

The dark messenger once hit the fire dragon and Feng Xiaoge with a stone wat, causing them to be seriously injured and half dead until they fell on Psuo Island and were swallowed by piranhas. Since the kingdom of God and Fire on Po Suo Island is comparable to the kingdom of daughters, from the emperor, generals, and merchants, all respected women, and there were no extra men. Two men appeared out of thin air and immediately attracted the attention of the queen. They dispatched military divisions, Ye Ju and The priest peacock came to interrogate them.

Peacock is good at martial arts, is also merciless to the fire dragon messenger, frequently whiplash torture, stupefied by the fire dragon mouth not able to extract the slightest identity. Feng Xiaoge pretended to be deaf and dumb, and Ye Ju was helpless, so he had to hand Feng Xiaoge to Peacock, who was attracted by his strong body.

Nezha and the others finally arrived at Po Suo Island smoothly according to the instructions of the Turtle Fairy. Unexpectedly, before sitting on the island, the little dragon girl consumed mana due to the sacred stone and turned back to the little dragon girl again. Duan Wuzhuo noticed that the island was different, and suggested that everyone leave as soon as possible. When everyone came to the inn to rest and prepare to choose suitable clothes, the little dragon girl suddenly returned to her original appearance, and immediately saw Ye Ju led a large number of soldiers surrounded, and even sensed that her spiritual power was restricted. , It is difficult to cast spells, can only be tied up.

Princess Snake Ji learned about the situation of Po Suo Island through the crystal ball, so she used Thousand Miles of Voice Transmission to contact the Fire Dragon Messenger, so that he could confirm the situation of Nezha and others as soon as possible. Yu Ji found that the fire dragon was still alive, and she was worried and prepared to kill her mouth secretly. The water elves were worried that Snake Ji would be disadvantageous to the little dragon girl, and decided to find a way to escape from the clutches of her clutches and carry out rescue.

After everyone was arrested, Shenhuo State had contact with men for the first time in history, especially when he heard that these men possess supernatural powers and cultivated as immortals, they were even more coveted. The queen wanted to eat them to increase her skill, but Ye Ju fell in love with Duan Wuzhuo at first sight, and immediately offered a plan, suggesting to conquer a few people on the island and let them surrender to the kingdom of Shenhuo, and the queen chose Nezha as her husband. .

Xiaolongnv looks outstanding and has extraordinary skills. The Queen of the Kingdom of God and Fire prepared her room specially and treated her with courtesy. However, Xiaolongnv shouldered a heavy responsibility and couldn’t agree. She was so angry that the queen ordered a ban on Xiaolongn until she agreed to surrender.

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