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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 20 Recap

Nezha proves that he is innocent, and is willing to let Hu Xiaoyu extract the memories of him and Xiaolongnv to discover the truth. Fox Xiaoyu did what she said, seeing the familiar voice and appearance of Mother Fox, the beautiful pictures of getting along with other people, and the miserable situation before her death, and finally convinced that the person who was the real murderer was the messenger of darkness. Just when she was about to restore her memory, the dark messenger suddenly snatched the treasure basin of memory. Everyone was caught off guard, and Nezha and Xiaolongnu became foolish as a result.

The fire dragon followed and found that the dark messenger and Yu Ji had previously lost the treasure basin of memory, but Yu Ji, on the grounds of making up for the merits, teamed up with the dark messenger to deal with Feng Xiaoge, and sent two treasures of gold and silver to intercept Fox Xiaoyu. However, Hu Xiaoyu lost his mana and was almost trapped. Duan Wuzhuo realized that Hu Xiaoyu was in danger. After much thinking, he still rushed to rescue him and killed the second treasure on the spot.

Hu Xiaoyu was so touched that she wanted to please, but Duan Wuyu was so cold that she was very resistant to her closeness, making her a little sad. Feng Xiaoge knew that he was defeated by the two of them, so he could only procrastinate in various ways, and even flirted with Yu Ji. I thought that relying on fast speed, he could easily steal the treasure basin of memory. Who knew that the dark messenger and Yu Ji were better. Let him miss frequently.

Feng Xiaoge was brutally beaten by the two people in turn, and seeing the fire dragon sitting next to him watching the show, only to find that the situation was severe, so he tried to find a way to get the treasure of memory as soon as possible and restore Nezha’s memory. The situation was chaotic right now, the crow spirit flew to help, the dark messenger patronized the crow spirit, but ignored the treasure basin of memory, causing Feng Xiaoge to steal it smoothly.

Hu Xiaoyu happened to come, holding the treasure bowl of memory to restore the memory of Nezha and Xiaolongnv, but he made several mistakes. Duan Wuzhuo teamed up with Feng Xiaoge to fight, and the fire dragon took action to block it until Nezha’s memory was restored, and Feng Xiaoge became a hot wheel. Duan Wuzhuo also protected his heart and restore the memory of the universe. There was induction, but the identity was not recovered.

Nezha and Xiaolongnv easily repelled everyone. Yu Ji saw this and quickly came to Hu Xiaoyu’s side and used her to coerce Nezha to stop. Hu Xiaoyu remembered that Qianniang once said that as long as a person wants something, it becomes a weakness, so he smashed the memory basin in public, so that the memory was scattered and the treasure basin was no longer effective.

Yu Ji was furious, slapped Hu Xiaoyu with a palm, and followed the dark messenger to leave. Hu Xiaoyu was hit hard and his life was hanging by a thread. Before he died, he lay in Duan Wuzhuo’s arms and confessed his true feelings. However, he died before he finished speaking. He never thought that the two sweet and affectionate people at the beginning were because of the words of the crow spirit. Cheng Chen.

The fire dragon continued to fight with the wind and fire wheel, but still failed to distinguish the victory or defeat. The dark messenger and Yu Ji suddenly appeared, because the conspiracy would be learned by the demon emperor, they simply took the assassin and decided to kill the fire dragon. Hot Wheels hurriedly turned the offensive to help the fire dragon resist the devil formation, and while the opponent was not paying attention, Limara fled with the fire dragon.

After Hu Xiaoyu’s death, Duan Wuzhuo chose a beautiful place for him, and then buried her. However, when everyone fell into sadness, Hu Xiaoyu turned into a fox prototype, ran out of the grave immediately, and squatted in front of Duan Wuzhuo. The crow spirit had never seen such a beautiful fox, and couldn’t help but praise. Although Duan Wuzhuo wanted to stay here with him, but he was responsible, so he took the initiative to give the seven-star sword to the crow spirit, hoping she could take the little fox. , Told the little fox to practice hard.

The treasure basin of memory was broken, and the immortal turtle completely restored his memory. The demon emperor has now recovered his seven successful strengths, and is ready to go to the next level to catch the immortal turtle himself.

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