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Heroic Journey of Ne Zha 哪吒降妖记 Episode 19 Recap

Because the Jingman forest was too large, Hu Xiaoyu searched many places until the sky was completely dark and still could not find Duan Wuzhuo, so he shouted his name in the same place. It happened that Duan Wuzhuo heard the voice and hurried over. At first, Duan Wuzhuo didn’t take this name to heart, until Hu Xiaoyu read it out himself, feeling familiar but without any impression, and couldn’t help but ask curiously.

However, Hu Xiaoyu didn’t know how to explain, so he changed the subject and suggested to go home as soon as possible. Duan Wuzhuo took the initiative to carry her on his back, and Hu Xiaoyu felt Duan Wuzhuo’s thoughtfulness, sinking into love without knowing it. That night, the two slept together, holding hands. Until the next morning, Duan Wuzhuo was about to go out again to find Nezha. Hu Xiaoyu refused to stay at home alone and insisted on walking with him.

Duan Wuzhuo searched around for a long time, but still couldn’t find Nezha, but followed Hu Xiaoyu to pick a lot of fruits. Hu Xiaoyu comforted Duan Wuzhuo with optimism, saying that revenge is not at the same time and needs to be carefully planned. By the way, I talked to him about the human form at first. Fortunately, I met Mother Fox. Not only did she take in herself as a goddaughter, she even taught a lot of survival skills. Unfortunately, she returned again. Fox Hole, it’s already a human being

When the two were getting along sweetly, the crow spirit suddenly appeared, claiming that Nezha was known, but needed precious items in exchange for news. Duan Wuzhuo wanted to exchange it with the Seven-Star Sword. Hu Xiaoyu knew that this sword was an important magic weapon for Duan Wuzhuo, and he never left, so he immediately stopped it, so that the crows were angry and cursed the two for no good results.

Feng Xiaoge worked so hard and finally collected the fairy essence liquid to cover up the immortal energy on his body. The three deliberately pretended to be fairies, falsely claiming that they were being chased by Duan Wuzhuo. Unexpectedly, the crow spirits would see through him, and they were even willing to tell the news about the demon hunting, but Nezha found Duan Wuzhuo and gave him the Seven-Star Sword.

Nezha took the opportunity to agree and learned that Duan Wuzhuo was Hu Xiaoyu’s matriarch, and Hu Xiaoyu was the mother-in-law Fox’s goddaughter. He suddenly realized that Duan Wuzhuo was unconscious, and he kept saying that he wanted to kill Nezha. Go to Fox Xiaoyu to explain his identity. Duan Wuzhuo was furious when he heard that, and when he was about to make a move, he was trapped by the dragon girl casting a spell. To save Duan Wuzhuo, Hu Xiaoyu frankly said that Xiang Gong is a martial artist, and happened to refuse to accept that others are better than his martial arts. .

The little dragon girl hesitated slightly, she could only cast a spell to unlock Duan Wuzhuo, and Hu Xiaoyu hurriedly held Duan Wuzhuo to stop him from impulsively, and then pretended to have a relaxed banquet to entertain everyone. Nezha and Xiaolongnv talked about the process of meeting Mother Fox and her being deceived and killed by the dark messenger. However, Xiaoyu Hu is stubborn and thinks that Nezha is sinister and cunning and actually planted the dark messenger.

The turtle clan sneaked into the demon clan, and the demon emperor managed to kill him. The fire dragon envoy analyzed that the turtle fairy lost the memory basin, and the turtle clan wanted to steal the memory basin. The demon emperor arranged for everyone to go to the empty island to capture the turtle fairy, and reminded the dark messenger and Yu Ji to complete the task, otherwise the body and spirit will be destroyed.

Hu Xiaoyu prepared to control Nezha with the memory basin, Duan Wuzhuo realized why he lost his previous memory, his attitude changed instantly, and she ordered her to restore the memory. Hu Xiaoyu burst into tears, and wanted to explain, she had to take out the memory basin, and when Duan Wuzhuo remembered everything, she became angry with embarrassment. He wanted to kill her but was reluctant, and finally left angrily.

Nezha and others waited in the room for the action of Fox Xiaoyu. Feng Xiaoge analyzed that Fox Xiaoyu was bewitched by the dark messenger, so he misunderstood that Nezha killed Mother Fox. At the same time, Hu Xiaoyu was so desperate and wanted to take revenge. She sneaked into the room at night and was about to extract the memories of three people. Xiaolongnv set her in place, and Feng Xiaoge took away the treasure basin of memory. After some inquiries, which Zha is convinced that Duan Wuzhuo is the universe.

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