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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 9 Recap

Long Jing’er knew that Su Yulian was Kunwu, but she did not tell Li Xuan the truth, but only reminded Li Xuan to beware of Su Yulian. The dance performances of various countries ended, and Su Yulian appeared in the show. The emperor decided to reward Su Yulian. Li Xuanji came to remind Su Yulian that he should ask for gold hairpin. Su Yulian wanted to ask the emperor for other rewards, but Li Xuan controlled his mind. The emperor rewarded Jin Yupin to Su Yulian, he did not know that Su Yulian was not interested in Jin Hairpin.

After the end of the World Congress, Long Jinger privately expressed his favor with Yufengmu and proposed to form an alliance with Yufengmu. Yu Fengmu traveled at night and met Su Yulian. The two of them went to the street together and came to the mountain unconsciously. Su Yulian sat on the hillside, looking at the stars, and couldn’t help thinking of the scene with the Spiritual Lady many years ago. The Spiritual Lady thought that the stars in the sky were the souls of the dead. For every person who died on the ground, there was one more star in the sky.

The night was deep. Some people broke into Tianqing City, and the soldiers who defended the city assembled in a team, blocking the way of the intruder. It was a Kunwu who broke into Tianqing City. Su Yulian came over and recognized it at a glance. Youan. You An also recognized Su Yu’s mercy, and the people wanted to escape from the city. As a general, You An decided to lead the people to escape.

The next day, Cui Pianran mentioned to Li Xuan the Kunwu people who were swaying outside the city. She was worried that the Kunwu people would attack the city. Li Xuan did not take Cui Pianran’s reminder in her heart and walked away. Su Yulian learned that Cui Pianran

Concerned about the Kunwu people’s movements, he was restless and wanted to go out to see the people. Yu Fengmu stopped Su Yulian. He thought that Cui Pianran might be playing a conspiracy. He deliberately pretended to pay attention to the Kunwu people and lured Su Yulian to take action.

Li Xuan was sullen while in class, lying on the table drowsy, and unknowingly had a dream, dreaming that Su Yulian and Yu Fengmu looked at each other affectionately. After the dream awakened, Li Xuan raised his head and Chang Fu was giving a lecture, reminding the students to be alert to the Kunwu invasion.

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