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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 8 Recap

Su Yuli was stolen and found a token by Li Xuan.

Su Yulian reached into Li Xuan’s chest and looked for the token. Suddenly Li Xuan opened his eyes and turned over to press Su Yulian under him. Su Yulian was so scared that she was frightened, and escaped from Li Xuan’s hands. Su Yu was nervous and anxious about stealing tokens and got out of bed after a while to escape.

The next day, Su Yuli went to class, and the lecturer announced that he would take the exam soon, but Guan’s students would leave Moyun College. When everyone listened to the exam, they all frowned. Feng Changqing returned to Ziji in the middle of the night and revived. Ziji reminded Feng Changqing that his task was to protect Li Xuan. He turned out to be ruthless towards Li Xuan. In fact, he secretly sent Feng Changqing to protect Li Xuan.

The imperial court is approaching, and the emperor sent Duke Yang to send a beautiful Chinese costume to Cui Pianran. Cui Pingran accepted the Chinese uniform and proudly promised that she would perform well at the Wan Guo Dynasty meeting and win glory for Tian Qi Guo. The crown prince sent a dance manual to Su Yulian. Su Yulian had already learned a dance before. Now she learns a new dance. She is worried that she cannot learn a new dance in three days because time is too urgent. The prince believed in Su Yulian’s ability, so that the person who sent the dance manual could transfer to Su Yulian. As long as Su Yulian practiced the dance according to the manual, she would definitely be able to leave the teacher within three days. Su Yuli returned to the master and returned to her life. The master noticed that she had something in mind and reminded her not to fall in love with Li Xuan, otherwise the entire tribe would not forgive her.

With the arrival of the World Congress, Moyun students gathered in a team to enter the Royal Palace and participate in the World Congress. Various side hammers from small countries came to the hall and presented treasures to the Emperor Tianqiguo. From the beginning of the dance meeting, the dance groups of the small roadside hammer countries appeared in turn and dedicated exotic performances.

Long Jinger and Li Xuan sat next to each other, and they talked to Su Yulian who had nowhere to go. Su Yu’s pity is deliberately trying to get the token on Li Xuan’s body. Long Jinger reminds Li Xuan that he should beware of Su Yulian and investigate Su Yulian’s details. Li Xuan disagreed. He thought that many people wanted tokens, not just Su Yulian wanted tokens.

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