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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 7 Recap

Yufeng Mu won Su Su’s good feelings Li Xuan removed Qilin

Li Xuan led everyone to fly towards Qilin, the sky gradually lit up, Siye was anxious outside the hall, looking at the door in the distance, he began to regret sending young disciples headed by Li Xuan to deal with Qilin, if Li Xuan and his party There was a failure, and he blamed. Fortunately, Li Xuan and his party appeared outside the gate. Everyone was stained with blood, supporting each other, and stumbled into the gate of Moyun Academy.

After Li Xuan returned to his residence, he changed clothes and took a rest. Siye took Yunshan’s brother Yufeng Mu to the door and introduced him to Li Xuan. In the future, Yu Fengmu will become a member of Moyun Academy.

Siye went to Ziji’s practice room and stood outside to report to Ziji that Qilin had been eradicated. Ziji asked about the changes in the city, and Siye said he was still investigating.

A new day of training came, and the disciples formed a two-person team to match each other with archery. Su Yulian had a good opinion of Yufengmu and took the initiative to form a two-person team with Yufengmu. Li Xuanben wanted to team up with Su Yulian. Because Su Yulian chose to be a teammate with Yu Fengmu, Li Xuan was at a loss. Cui Pianran took the opportunity to propose to form a two-person team with Li Xuan. Li Xuan disagreed, and Cui Pianran ignored the team formation with Li Xuan.

At the beginning of the training, Su Yulian told Yufengmu that she thought Yufengmu was a good man, so she took the initiative to team up with Yufengmu. Li Xuan listened to his ears and overturned the jar of vinegar.

Cui Pingran fell secretly, pulled Li Xuan to the ground, Li Xuan fell to the ground and turned his head to look around. Su Yulian showed a trace of displeasure on his face, and then he returned to calm. Li Xuan stood up from the ground, ignoring Cui Pianran lying on the ground. Cui Pianran got up on her own and returned to Li Xuan to remind Li Xuan not to love Su Yulian. If Su Xuanli had Li Xuan in her heart, she would have overturned the jar of vinegar.

Su Yulian returned to the master and returned to her life. The master urged her to rescue the Dragon Emperor as soon as possible. Li Xuan lay asleep in bed late at night, Su Yulian slipped into the room, turned east and west, looking for tokens that could enter the trapped Dragon Emperor’s restricted area.

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