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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 12 Recap

Li Xuan personally cooks and cooks many delicious dishes. Mr. Tianshu tasted the food with great taste and praised Li Xuan’s cooking. Li Xuan has always wanted to find out the details of Su Yulian. Mr. Tianshu carefully looked at Li Xuan and confirmed that Li Xuan and Su Yulian are of the same race, and there is no difference between them. Li Xuan’s heart fell to the ground. Long Jier once reminded him that Su Yulian was a Kunwu person. If Mr. Shu confirmed that Su Yulian is not a Kunwu person, Li Xuan finally untie his heart.

Su Yulian recovered from his health. Mr. Tianshu forced Su Yulian to become a relative of Li Xuan. Although Su Yulian loved Li Xuan, she was not mentally prepared to be married. Although Li Xuan also wanted to marry Su Yuli, he respected Su Yuli and did not intend to be forced by others. He hoped Mr. Tianshu would give Su Yuli time to think. Seeing that Su Yulu was disobedient, Mr. Tianshu trapped Li Xuan in the air and frightened Su Yulian. At the strong request of Mr. Tianshu, Su Yulian agreed to marry Li Xuan.

Feng Changqing and Yu Fengmu came to the lake. The two used their mana to cast flames, bake the surface of the lake, attempt to roast the barriers, and enter the secret realm under the lake to find Li Xuan and Su Yulian. The flames cast by the two were extremely hot, but they were unable to roast the lake.

Su Yulian is married to Li Xuan, and Mr. Tianshu is the head of the marriage. Li Xuan is very happy, reminding Mr. Tianshu that he can avoid it, and he will enter Sudong with Su Yulian. Mr. Tianshu left, and Xu Xuan led Su Yu to sleep in bed. Mr. Tianshu sits outside the door and overhears, and the little yellow dog also gathers outside the door. Mr. Tianshu quickly pulled away the little yellow dog, reminding the little yellow dog is still small, not suitable. Eavesdrop on human affairs.

Feng Changqing failed to enter the secret area under the lake, hurting his vitality and lying in bed to recuperate. Su Ju pity came to nothing, entered the study, and found an ancient book without words. Su Yuli put his hand on a page of paper, and the pages of the ancient book immediately revealed the situation of the Kunwu people being bullied by humans. A group of Kunwu people tried to escape by flowing the river. Many human soldiers appeared on both sides of the shore. The human soldiers present raised their bows and arrows and shot sharp arrows at the Kunwu people standing in the river.

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