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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 11 Recap

Su Yulian, Li Xuanziu’s Secret Realm

In order to get tokens, Su Yulian is brave and invincible, ignoring any obstruction, desperate to fight for the spirit ball, and is more crazy than all the players.

Cui Pianran made a poisonous move to Su Youlian, hurting Su Yulian and hurting herself at the same time. Although Su Yulian was poisoned, she was still strong. She kicked the spirit ball into the cloud hole with strong fighting spirit. Cui Pianran was scratched on her face and bite Su Yulian in desperation. She accused Su Yulian of doing nothing to win. Chang Fu declared that Su Yulian’s goal was invalid. Su Yulian followed Li Xuan to the lake after the game, asked Li Xuan for a token, and revealed that he was poisoned by Cui Pin Ran.

Li Xuan was so disappointed with Su Yulian that he accused Su Yulian of being vicious like a devil in order to get tokens. Suddenly Cui Ping appeared, hit Su Yulian with a palm, and flew Su Yulian into the lake. Li Xuan didn’t care much and jumped into the lake to rescue Su Yulian.

The two returned to the shore, the surrounding environment changed greatly, the ground was covered with a lot of white snow, and the air became extremely cold. Su Yulian was injured and fell into a coma in the low temperature. Li Xuan was also shivered and shivered, leading Su Yulian to find her hiding place.

The prince learned that Su Yulian and Li Xuanziu had taken the lake, and decided to lead the rescue of Li Xuan and the two. Li Xuan and Su Yulian entered a yard. An old man with white hair came out of the house. With a wave of his hand, Su Yulian was firmly trapped in the air. The old man saw that Su Yulian was poisoned. Li Xuan asked the old man to find a way to save Su Yupian. The old man claimed to be Mr. Tianshu, knowing everything and knowing everything. For the sake of Li Xuan’s begging, Mr. Tianshu decided to save Su Yupeng. Under the treatment of Mr. Tianshu, Su Yulian finally detoxified, and his body gradually improved. Li Xuan came to the bed to check Su Yulian’s condition. Su Yulian sat up from the bed and hurried away. Li Xuan reminded Su Yulian not long after detoxification, his body was still weak, and he needed to rest for a few days. When someone is injured, they need to replenish their nutrition. Li Xuanwei finished the scarf and cook the food himself.

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