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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 10 Recap

The Kunwu people in the city fled the plane, and Chang Fu ordered Li Xuan to lead the people to guard one of the gates and stop the Kunwu people from fleeing.

Yufengmu and Su Julian discussed helping the Kunwu people to flee. The safest way is to hide the Kunwu people in a carriage. Yufeng Mu found a carriage and hid many Kunwu people. Su Yulian accompanied Yu Fengmu to escort the carriage out of the city. Li Xuan hurried over, stopped the carriage, and got on the train to check it. Su Yulian and Yufeng Mu saw Li Xuan getting in the car, and the two of them squeezed their hearts together. After Li Xuan got in the car, he found that many boxes were piled up in the car, and Yu Fengmu’s complexion changed, fearing that Li Xuan would find the Kunwu people hiding in the car. Li Xuan left the carriage and returned to the ground, allowing the carriage to leave.

The Kunwu people left the city safely, and Li Xuan returned to his residence with a complicated look. It turned out that he actually found the Kunwu people hidden in the box before in the car. The two children looked together in horror, lest he be seen by Li Xuan. Li Xuan looked at the Kunwu children who were terrified, and realized that Su Yulian suddenly went out with Yufeng Mu. He couldn’t bear to catch the children in the car, pretending not to see the children, get off Leave. Su Yulian returned to the master and confirmed that his details had been discovered by Li Xuan.

Su Yulian and Yu Fengmu return to class, and Chang Fu will hold a spirit ball game. Li Xuanji came to ask Su Yulian to participate in the competition, can not rely on Yu Fengmu in the competition. As long as Su Yuli wins by his own ability, Li Xuan will give away tokens.

At the beginning of the spirit ball game, the two gangs of students used all their means to snatch the spirit ball. Spirit balls have spirituality, and most people can’t control them. Some students can’t help losing control as soon as they get the spirit balls. Cui Pianran pretended to accidentally knocked down the spruce during the game, and declared that she did not intentionally.

In order to get the spirit ball, Su Yulian flew crazy into the air, holding the spirit ball and flying into the air. Li Xuan watched Su Yulian fall from the air, and his heart was not a taste. Su Yuli had only tokens in his eyes and took the spirit ball from Li Xuan in desperation.

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