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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 18 Recap

Li Zhe saw the scene many years ago in his dream, but the little girl was actually Yu Qing’s face. He woke up from his dream and didn’t want to accept this reality. Shatty’s mother thought it was inappropriate for Gu Bo to live in Shatty’s house all the time, and wanted him to move out quickly, and asked Shatty to seize the time to choose a suitable person from the blind date she prepared. Shatty didn’t know what she was talking about, and then saw in the trash can that the resume of the blind date her mother had prepared was torn up and realized that it was Gu Bo.

Gu Bo mustered up the courage and wanted to invite her to dinner tonight, but Shatty agreed before he could finish. Gu Bo dressed up to attend the appointment, and Shatty deliberately mentioned that she likes mature, stable and rich people. Gu Bo thought he had no chance, when the violin performance he had arranged before suddenly appeared. Gu Bo didn’t want Shati to see that he wanted to confess, and asked them to leave quickly.

Shatty asked when Gu Bo’s home could be repaired. Gu Bo wants to stay and take care of her. Charlotte deliberately said that it was time to find a boyfriend to accompany him to dinner, and gave him two weeks to leave his home. Fang Zhiyou went to the supermarket with Xu Yiren, and Yu Qing also happened to work in a clothing store in this mall. She followed the two in silence and saw Xu Yiren getting in the car that Fang Zhiyou had known, and called her to ask where she was.

Xu Yiren lied that she was in the company. Yu Qing concluded that Xu Yiren had already approached Gao Fushuai and did not dare to tell herself. Li Zhe asked Yu Qing for dinner, and Yu Qingqiao came to see him in class. Li Zhe asked her where the little bird came from and if she had any accidents in Qingshan when she was in the fifth grade. Yu Qing said that after going to Qingshan, she had been ill and couldn’t remember anything.

Xu Yiren came to the place where Fang Zhiyou was alone in a daze. Fang Zhiyou claimed that before she appeared, her house was just an isolated island. It was only after she appeared that she felt the warmth of home, and it was only because of her that she could accept lies. Xu Yiren made a red wine stew for Fang Zhiyou. After Fang Zhiyou drank it, he pretended to be drunk, acted like a baby to Xu Yiren, and joked that she had no chest, so that Xu Yiren was so angry that he would leave him here.

Yu Qing thinks she stands ten hours a day and wants to resign. Mother advised her that there are excellent men in the shopping malls, and let her seize the opportunity. Yu Qing mentioned that she had seen Xu Yiren with a good man, and she held hands. She deceived that she didn’t have a boyfriend, just to guard herself. Mother let her take the opportunity to fight for being with Li Zhe. When Yu Qing mentioned the loss of Xu Yiren, she couldn’t remember when the bird that Xu Yiren regarded as a treasure was snatched. Yu Qing saw that Li Zhe was interested in it and thought it was not that simple.

Li Zhe found out that Xu Yiren and Yu Qing had always been classmates. Yu Qing was probably the person she was looking for. The person he was looking for was finally found, but he was not happy because this was the last reason to entangle Xu Yiren. Yu Qing brought a lunch box to invite Xu Yiren to eat, and took the opportunity to ask where the little bird came from. Xu Yiren told her truthfully that it was given to her by the little brother she met when she was lost. Yu Qing realized that Li Zhe was the little brother who had saved Xu Yiren.

Gu Bo was frustrated in love and cried to Xu Yiren. Shi Yu happened to come to her elder brother and said that she was the matchmaker between Eh Xu Yiren and Fang Zhiyou, and she could also give him two tricks. Gu Bo bought a lollipop for Shiyu and asked him to analyze it for himself. Shi Yu said that even if she didn’t like him, she wouldn’t hate him, thinking that she would not live with someone she hated. She might be duplicity when she suddenly rejected him, or just treating him as a brother, worrying that her relationship would become awkward .

Shi Yu asked Xu Yiren to tell Fang Zhiyou that his father would go back early next month and let him arrange his own time. Xu Yiren didn’t know what it meant. As soon as I knew it was my mother’s death day, my brother would avoid his father every year on the death day because he didn’t want his mother to see the two quarreling. Fang Zhiyou planned to let Xu Yiren go with him this year. He also wanted to see Xu Yiren’s uncle and aunt. Seeing Xu Yiren’s embarrassment, Fang Zhiyou said that it would not be too late to wait until the end of the work.

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