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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 17 Recap

Xu Yiren said that Fang always had a very important meeting to be held and wanted to take him away quickly. Everyone asked who she was, and Xu Yiren said that she was a well-known assistant. Knowing that, but generously admits Xu Yiren is his assistant and girlfriend. Li Zhe was about to set up a scholarship in his mother’s name. He ran into Fang Zhiyou and Xu Yi during the school talks, and quietly followed them. Uncle Xu Yiren’s family suddenly arrived at the train station, and they knew that they had proposed to pick them up. Xu Yiren thought that the two had just been together, and now it is inappropriate to see the parents. Li Zhe heard their conversation in the dark.

Gu Bo assisted Xia Di for a walk in the community. Xia Ti thought that she was not in a serious condition. She broke free of Gu Bo’s support and wanted to walk by herself, but she was unstable and fell down. Gu Bo blocked her in time. Shatty’s mother suddenly came to her home. Shatty lied that she was still in the company and told Gu Bo to go home first, and then go back when her mother left. Xia Di’s mother selected carefully, found some blind date for Xia Di, and let Gu Bo come up with ideas.

After listening to Gu Bo, he even said that these people had problems and were not worthy of Shady. Mother Shatty noticed that her daughter had sent a voice message to Gu Bo, and insisted on letting him open it in front of her. When her mother found out that Xia Di quietly asked if she had left, she was so angry that Gu Bo told Xia Di that she must choose a few blind date to meet.

Xu Yiren wanted to take a taxi with her uncle and aunt to the hotel first. Li Zhe suddenly picked them up by car and drove them to the house he prepared. My aunt was very satisfied with the exquisite decoration of the house. Li Zhe told Xu Yiren that he wanted to help her only as a friend. Although he would not forgive her if she knew it, he would never use her again. Xu Yiren temporarily accepted his help. My aunt was dissatisfied when she learned that Li Zhe had only paid one month’s rent and had to pay the rest by herself. In order to ease the atmosphere, Xu Yiren took them out for dinner.

My aunt put all the meat in Xu Yiren’s bowl into her daughter’s bowl, and Xu Yiren could only face the poor half bowl of noodles. Yu Qing took a fancy to Xu Yiren’s phone case, but Xu Yiren said that it was given to her by her good friend. Aunt immediately snatched her mobile phone, gave the phone case to her daughter, and asked Xu Yiren’s friend to buy another one for her. Xu Yiren could only swallow his breath.

When Xu Yiren came home, thinking that she was already asleep, she soaked instant noodles alone. Xu Yiren said that he should have thought of this, but he still had illusions about his uncle’s family. After all, his uncle was his only relative, and they raised themselves. If they didn’t have themselves, they might be better off. Fang knows that Xu Yiren has been wronged and promised to protect her in the future.

After Gu Bo stayed in the room half-naked after taking a bath, Charlotte suddenly walked into his bedroom and praised her for her good figure. Gu Bo showed her directly, and Shady shyly hid behind the door. Gu Bo mentioned to Xu Yiren about Shady’s mother’s arrangement for a blind date. Xu Yiren mentioned Shaty’s shortcomings to him. Gu Bo still spoke to Shaty everywhere. Xu Yiren praised him with satisfaction, saying that he had passed his own test, and encouraged him to express his heart bravely.

He Yuwen said that she had heard some rumors and hoped that she would pay attention to it. Fang Zhiyou admitted that he was already with Xu Yiren, but he didn’t make it public. He Yuwen was hit hard, thinking that Xu Yiren was not worthy of knowing there was something from the top, and she knew it while hooking up, while entangled with Li Zhe. Fang Zhi has seen her slander Xu Yiren, saying that if He Yuwen had not been her long-time friend, she would have been invited out long ago.

The water pipe in the aunt’s house was broken, and Yu Qing contacted Li Zhe from the intermediary. Li Zhe helped them solve the problem, and his aunt made a special dish to treat Li Zhe. Yu Qing took a fancy to Li Zhe, but it seemed that Li Zhe’s eyes were only on Xu Yiren. Yu Qing took the initiative to bring up Gao Ming and asked Xu Yiren why he broke up. Xu Yiren didn’t want to talk about the past.

Li Zhe said that he had a bad vision before, but fortunately he gave himself a chance after breaking up. Li Zhe saw that Xu Yiren did not tell Fang Zhiyou to her family, thinking that she thought she had no confidence in this relationship and Xu Yiren did not want him to mention the things that Fang Zhiyou had.

Li Zhe wanted to ask her if she was lost in the mountains, but she was suddenly interrupted by Yu Qing. Xu Yiren felt a stomachache, and Li Zhe wanted to send her to the hospital. Yu Qing thought it would be better to take some medicine. Li Zhe accidentally knocked over the box while helping Yu Qing take the medicine, and found a bird made of straw. This was what he gave to the little girl who got lost in the mountains. Li Zhe couldn’t believe the person he met. It was Xu Yiren’s sister.

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