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Mr Honesty 不说谎恋人 Episode 16 Recap

Fang Zhiyou dragged Xu Yiren to a remote place and apologized for saying that she was his girlfriend without consent. Fang Zhiyou then forcibly kissed Xu Yiren again, cutting first and then playing again. Fang Zhiyou admitted that he liked Xu Yiren and wanted to make up his confession. Xu Yiren was a little at a loss, and wanted to escape under the pretext that he had work to do. Fang Zhiyou stretched out her arm to block her way, saying that she would be angry every time she saw Xu Yiren and Li Zhe together, hoping that Xu Yiren would believe that she really liked her, and formally asked her if she would be herself Girlfriend.

Xu Yiren said that he knew that he was his own boss, and that the boss and employees could not be together. Fangzhi willfully abolished the prohibition of office romance. She said that she was very strange to love herself, and she didn’t know how to express her feelings, so she rashly kissed her, hoping that Xu Yiren could forgive herself. Xu Yiren said that he could not guarantee that he would not tell a lie in the future, and was worried that he would mind if he knew it.

Fang Zhiyou praised Yi Ren as an exception that he could not control. No matter what happened next, he just wanted to live with her every minute and every second. Xu Yiren was very moved. He bowed his head and agreed to Fang Zhiyou’s confession, and suggested that because he didn’t want to be extravagant, he would not tell others about the relationship between the two.

When Xia Di had a car accident, Gu Bo immediately came to the hospital and found Xia Die on a crutches and took her back to the ward. Shatty was injured in order to catch the thief. Gu Bo blamed her for being too aggressive and hurting herself. Shati said that she was not in serious trouble, and that she would just raise her, so Gu Bo should not worry too much.

Xu Yiren wants to study architectural design, but the cost of the course is very high. She learned from her colleagues that there are many students in the class of the school’s famous teacher, so as long as it does not affect others, she can go to the class.

After get off work, Xu Yiren wanted to find Fangzhi, but was hit by Liu Tianyang. She said she was going home, but forgot that she was in the wrong direction. At this time, knowing that he appeared between the two, he covered Liu Tianyang’s face with a folder and kissed Xu Yiren.

After arriving in the office, I knew that Xu Yiren had been pushed down on the table, and Xu Yiren asked him to calm down so as not to be seen by others. Back home, Xu Yiren was afraid of being discovered by Shiyu that they were in love. As soon as she knew that Shiyu had already noticed it, and she was her only relative. Xu Yiren tentatively asked Fang Zhiyou about his relationship with his father.

Fang Zhiyou recalled what his father had done at the time. He believed that it was a fact that he broke his friend’s house and destroyed his family. He believed his lie and was inseparable from this matter. Although he wanted to compensate Li Zhe afterwards, he was powerless. Shi Yu moved back home because of her father’s return. Before leaving, she left her rabbit toy with Xu Yiren, persuading him not to worry about her brother and father, and told her to take good care of her brother.

Li Zhe went to the bar alone to relieve his troubles by drinking. He Yuwen appeared next to him and told Li Zhe that he hoped that Xu Yiren and Li Zhe could be together, whether in public or private, and could even do him a small favor. Li Zhe said that although He Yuwen and Fang Zhi are very good friends, Fang Zhiyou is already with Xu Yiren. He Yuwen was shocked by the news and left in a hurry without knowing what to do.

Xu Yiren knew that he was going to take Guo Xudong’s class, but he knew that Guo Xudong was his junior and Xu Yiren could come to him if he wanted to learn. Xu Yiren said that although he is known to be an excellent designer, the designer does not necessarily convey knowledge systematically. Fang Zhiyou was angry and discussed with his younger brother to take this class instead of Guo Xudong.

Fang Zhi is handsome and handsome in class. His classmates are very excited about him and even take the initiative to add WeChat to him after class. Fang Zhiyou looked at Xu Yiren next to him, saying that it depends on Xu Yiren’s answer. The students didn’t know who Xu Yiren was. Xu Yiren originally explained that he was Fang Zhiyou’s assistant, but when he knew it, he took her in his arms and kissed her.

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